Barrister Babu 1st April 2020 Written Update: Bondita’s shocking condition!

Barrister Babu 1st April 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Sampoorna getting excited looking at the baraat. Bondita asks Sampoorna if she wants to eat sweets. She further jumps down from the tree, interrupts the baraat and runs away taking the sweets. She goes to Sumati and asks her if she wants to eat them. Sumati refuses to eat and says she can’t eat.

Bondita than says she eats raw food and she don’t like. Devoleena interrupts and says Sumati is widow and thus she has to live a simple life. Bondita asks Devloeena her brother too is widow than why she doesn’t interrupt him for living a simple life. Sumati asks Bondita not to talk like that with Devoleena. Devoleena gets angry and punishes Bondita. She ties her on the tree. Further, Sampoorna rescues Bondota and takes with her.

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Other side, Devoleena and her husband discuss with Sumati about Bondita’s marriage. Here, Bodnita wonders what secret everyone is hiding from them and she decides to figure out. Meanwhile, Devoleena asks Sumati to say yes to wedding. Bondita sneaks and figures out that everyone is talking about her marriage. She questions Sumati and asks if she is bad thus she is getting her married. Devoleena gets angry at Bondita for questioning. She further decides to get Bondita marry anyhow.

Sundaram tries to convince and Bondita asks if her mother too can accompany her to her in-laws house. Devoleena gets angry at Bondita for making an excuse. Bondita says she will only marry when Sumati too will come with her. Sundaram says yes.

Ahead, Bondita and Sampoorna get happy. There, at London Anirudh dances at the party. His friend praises him for being the intelligent person. Next, Anirudh fights with a foreigner and returns back to his village Tulsipur. (Episode Ends)