Barrister Babu 21st July 2021 Written Update : Bondita makes arrangements for Saswati’s birthday party

Barrister Babu 21st July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with orphan kids telling Saswati to smile. Bondita asks Saswati why is she upset. Saswati replies everyone will be busy in their works like always and noone will celebrate her birthday properly. Bondita assures her that this year everything will be different. She shares her plan with children and they get excited.

Saswati and other kids ask Trilochan can he remember what’s special tomorrow? Trilochan says she will get her surprise gift near her bed like every year. Anirudh asks her what does she want as a gift. Dress, doll or something else. Saswati says she wants to enjoy her birthday party with all the family members. She tells Anirudh to be present in the party. Anirudh says if he comes Saswati won’t be able to enjoy properly. Saswati replies if Anirudh refuses to come she won’t celebrate her birthday. She teases him saying Vaijayanthi is right about you, you are not at all fun loving.

Anirudh gets irked and decides to join in the party. Bondita overhears everything and gets happy. Anirudh says Vaijayanthi doesn’t need to attend as they will end up in trouble because of her. Vaijayanthi says she will bring the waves of joy in the party and everyone will start laughing again. She adds they will arrange a competition too. Anirudh says they will enjoy the party. They won’t compete. Bondita makes everyone smile and says Anirudh looks good when he smiles. She thinks slowly Anirudh will accept that Bondita means a lot to him.

Thakuma requests Chandrachur’s mother not to think about his second marriage as Tupur will become the doormat if the second wife gives birth to a child. Chandrachur’s mother says there’s no other solution, she assures Thakuma that Chandrachur won’t leave Tupur, but his two wives will consider each other sisters.

Sampurna does the aarti and later she suggests Trilochan to get Anirudh married to Vaijayanthi. She says Vaijayanthi takes care of Anirudh and didn’t even get hurt after so much insult. Trilochan says Vaijayanthi is not Bengali and Anirudh doesn’t like her too. He won’t give his consent for the marriage.

Chandrachur talks to his mother that his plan is successful. Now Tupur will convince Bondita to marry Chandrachur. Other side, Tupur refuses to eat and cries. She blames Bondita for her sadness. Bondita says she won’t leave until Tupur starts eating. She says for Chandrachur’s sake Tupur has to eat as he loves her a lot.

Bondita makes all the arrangements for the party. She gives instructions to Vihari and his wife. Vihari and his wife get tired after that. Vihari recalls Bondita saying the latter used to make him tired just how Vaijayanthi did. Bondita tells them to start their work again. Sampurna asks Bondita if she can help her in making the preparations.

Bondita replies she will only smile. There’s no work left for her. Sampurna gets happy and tells Bondita to not bring any kind of sweets especially rasgullas as Anirudh doesn’t like it. Bondita looks at the rasgulla pots and thinks it will be present at the party and Anirudh will have to eat it too.

Anirudh tells Saswati to cut the cake and says Vaijayanthi called everyone but she is not present yet. Bondita brings Binoy and the latter gets excited seeing all the decorations. Everyone gets surprised. Somnath asks Trilochan why Bondita brought Binoy here despite knowing he is ill. Trilochan tells him not to lose calm. Saswati says for the first time Binoy is with her to celebrate her birthday. Anirudh makes Binoy sit. Saswati cuts the cake and Binoy asks where is Vatuk. Bondita keeps Binoy’s hand on Saswati’s head.

Later Bondita tells everyone to start the competition. Anirudh says he won’t engage himself in a kid’s game. Vaijayanthi says she will find out a solution. They start playing and boys fail to perform well and Bondita starts throwing stones at Anirudh to annoy him. Boys get upset and tell Anirudh to do something. Anirudh challenges Bondita saying now he will accompany boys and the girls team will lose. Bondita thinks Anirudh finally agreed to play with them.

Krishna Nagar spy listens to Tulsipur men who are discussing about Anirudh’s house party. They say Vaijayanthi has arranged everything. That spy observes whats happening in Roychowdhury mansion and gets shocked to see Bondita. He says he will inform this to Chandrachur that Bondita is in Anirudh’s house. Anirudh stops himself from playing the game and thinks Saswati will get disheartened on her birthday if boys team win the competition. Girls get overjoyed after winning the game. Trilochan says it happened because of Anirudh’s carelessness. Bondita thinks Anirudh agreed to play the game now he will accept his true feelings for Bondita as well.

Episode ends.

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