Barrister Babu 22nd June 2021 Written Update: Anirudh gets arrested due to false allegations

Barrister Babu 22nd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bondita feeling guilty for misunderstanding Anirudh. Latter says it’s Thakuma’s plotting, she should not feel bad about it. They hear someone is opening the door. Anirudh escapes from there with Bondita. Bondita says she can’t walk due to her leg injury, Anirudh lifts her up and comes out of the spooky place in early morning. Sumati and Thakuma get inside the place and search for Bondita.

Anirudh and Bondita stop seeing some barbed wires and he makes way for Bondita so that she can get out from the place. He holds the wires and his hand bleeds. Bondita gets upset and she crosses it finally.

Priest assumes Bondita died as she was impure. Sumati says she shouldn’t have trusted the priest and his nonsense rituals. Due to her fault Bondita is missing. Kalindi finds watch of Anirudh and understands that he took Bondita from here. She tells Sumati to not worry as Anirudh saved Bondita.

Bondita sits on a van and Anirudh pushes it. He says they will leave Krishnanagar today and Bondita will go to London school after that. Bondita again apologises to Anirudh for misunderstanding him and for doubting him. Bondita says how can she think that Anirudh can disrespect a woman. Anirudh tells her not to think about it anymore. He shows her the Krishnanagar border and Bondita gets excited to enter the next chapter of her life. She says she can finally fulfil her dream of becoming a Barrister Babu.

Thakuma comes in front of them. She says her intuition was correct, she can even kill Anirudh for his act today. Thakuma says despite of giving several warnings Anirudh crossed his limits and touched a girl. Police arrives and Thakuma accuses him of manipulating a child. She says Anirudh is trying to elope with Bondita. Bondita says Anirudh is innocent. They can’t arrest him. Thakuma tells Anirudh that now he will suffer and she knows many people here, noone will support him. Now Bondita’s dream will take last breath. Anirudh will spend his life in jail.

Anirudh says he won’t give up but he will return to save Bondita. Kalindi says she will make sure that Bondita gets married within three days. Doesn’t matter whoever the groom is. Anirudh gets arrested and Bondita screams and says leave him. Kalindi takes her away.

Anirudh gets locked up and he keeps saying Thakuma is putting false allegations on him. Inspector should not support her. He is Barrister and he will prove his innocence. Inspector says Anirudh brainwashed Bondita. He questions Anirudh what kind of relation he has with Bondita as they aren’t married. Anirudh says he is connected to Bondita by heart. They are not capable enough to understand their relationship. Inspector laughs at him.

Bondita says to Thakuma Anirudh is like God for her. Kalindi did wrong by framing Anirudh without any reason. She filed false complaint against him. Later Bondita adds she knows how Thakuma played emotional card and broke her trust repeatedly. She lied to her about Trilochan and instigated her against Roychowdhurys. Bondita says she was stupid that she trusted Kalindi while the latter was acting to be innocent and heart broken. Bondita says Anirudh gave her a new life whom Thakuma sent to jail. Anirudh fought for her and supported her all the time. Kalindi says means I have done nothing for you? Bondita says she only tortured her and didn’t even think once before making her unconscious. It’s her age old beliefs due to which she mistreated her. Bondita stands up for Anirudh and says he wants her good not Thakuma. Thakuma says she will put burning charcoal in Bondita’s mouth if she doesnt keep quite. Bondita says she is not afraid anymore. She tells Thakuma to get Anirudh released from jail at once. Thakuma stands shocked.

Episode ends

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