Barrister Babu 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Saudamini is all set to take revenge from Roy Chaudhary

Barrister Babu 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Greenwood coming to meet the Roy Chaudharys. He says that the stick is a gift for them from him and he expects blind faith from them towards him, just like they have for their God. Anirudh says that they trust God: blind faith makes you weak while trust gives you courage. Trilochan says that he is meeting them for the first time so he cannot understand their power. He asks Anirudh to introduce him. However, Greenwood already knows their names, their birthdays, age and the time of their birth. Binoy is amazed.

Saurabh is about to enter the party but the guards stop him saying that the party is reserved to big names. Bondita hides behind a pillar. Saurabh tells the guards that he has an important work with Anirudh.

Anirudh asks Greenwood for signatures but he says that he just got married so he wants to celebrate and not to do any work. Trilochan asks Anirudh to get the signature tomorrow but Anirudh says that there is no time. Greenwood says that he will sign the papers if his wife gets happy with him once she comes in the party hall. Anirudh tries telling him about the importance of the work but he interrupts him and leaves.

Saurabh fails to convince the guards to let him in but Bondita manages to get inside. Saurabh notices that so he leaves to find the girls. Bondita wonders where to find Anirudh among so many people.

Anirudh is very tensed. Trilochan asks him not to worry since Greenwood’s wife must be coming. Anirudh asks what next. Trilochan suggests him to give the bouquet of flowers to her and she will get happy. Anirudh accepts.

Greenwood asks the guests to welcome his wife Betty. A lady dressed in a British gown, accompanied by other British women dressed elegantly, walk downstairs. Anirudh, Binoy and Trilochan get shocked seeing that Betty is none other than Saudamini. Anirudh recalls Saudamini threatening to snatch Bondita’s happiness. Binoy remembers her threats too.

Greenwood kneels in front of Saudamini and kisses her hand. Guests start meeting them and giving them gifts. Binoy, Trilochan and Anirudh are taken aback. Saudamini and Greenwood come to them. Greenwood says that he didn’t like that they didn’t welcome his wife. He asks whether their heart is so small that they will take back the gifts they have brought for the host. Saudamini says that it is ok and then tells Roy Chaudharys that she is happy to meet them and assumes that they got very happy too. Saudamini grabs the bouquet from Anirudh’s hands. She says that Betty wanted some butter but it was bitter so she got better butter to make the bitter butter better. She leaves with Greenwood.

Bondita asks a woman if she has seen her husband. The lady replies no. Bondita sees some flowers hanging and starts twirling under them.

Trilochan asks Binoy how Saudamini became Greenwood’s wife. He badmouths about Saudamini and wonders how they will get their work done from the foreigner officer now. Binoy says that he knows Saudamini and she must have trapped Greenwood but he has corrupted many officers as well so now he will talk about the factory with him. Trilochan recommends Binoy to talk also about the farmers’ matter. Binoy asks him not to worry and walks away.

Anirudh looks at Bondita’s admission paper and remembers Bondita talking about her wish to go to school. He knows Saudamini won’t ever let Greenwood sign the paper so it is useless to waste time and he thinks to leave the party. Saudamini looks at him and then whispers something to a waiter who goes towards Anirudh bumping into him and splitting some drink on his suit. Anirudh goes to clean it.

Saudamini says that the party has been kept for him so she can’t let him go so soon. She notices Bondita and says that more Roy Chaudharys are there, the more fun will happen. She whispers something to a lady servant who goes to Bondita and asks her to come with her after asking whether she is looking for Anirudh. Bondita follows her upstairs. Saudamini says that Bondita coming to the party is a bonus for her but first she must meet Trilochan. She recalls the way he slapped her.

A waiter offers alcohol to Trilochan who gets angry since he doesn’t even touch alcohol. Greenwood comes and points that Binoy’s stories of drinking are popular and asks why he doesn’t drink. Trilochan says that two fingers aren’t the same so it isn’t said that two brothers have to be the same.

Waiter comes and offers lamb to Trilochan who is disgusted. Binoy comes and says that his brother doesn’t eat meat. Greenwood scolds waiter and then leaves. Trilochan says that he needs to get purified since he has been so close to meat and alcohol. Binoy says that his friend lives near there and they go to him.

In the meantime, the servant brings Bondita to wardrobe room. Bondita asks why she brought her there. She replies that Anirudh asked her to. Bondita asks how he came to know that she has come in the party. The servant replies that he saw her entering and gives her a chit. Bondita sees a sign written on it and thinks that only she and Anirudh know about it and Saudamini as well but she has left.

Bondita asks the servant why Anirudh sent her there. She replies that he wants her to wear special clothes for the party. Bondita says that she is already wearing a good saree. The servant says that she will look different and gives her a joker costume to wear saying that people here wear such clothes only.

Saudamini says that Bondita will be the joker in party and Anirudh will be the ring master and everyone will laugh at them.

Episode ends

Precap: Greenwood tells Anirudh that women in his country are stupid. Anirudh says that Hindustani women can do many things at the same time. Saudamini asks what his wife can do. Bondita comes holding a board and asking about his husband.

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