Barrister Babu 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Anirudh and Brijvasi’s face-off

Barrister Babu 23rd September 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Anirudh asking villagers not to pray because Brijvasi is fooling them. He asks Brijvasi to come out. Here, Brijvasi asks Bondita not to go out else her lie will be caught and Sampoorna will be in trouble. Bondita gets confused seeing Brijvasi’s changed behavior.

Other side, villagers defend Brijvasi. Anirudh tries to explain them that Birjvasi is lying to them as Lord Krishna do magic but don’t do exhibition like this. Trilochan asks Anirudh to go home. Anirudh gets adamant to expose Birjvasi. There, Brijvasi thinks to escape the place with Bondita. Anirudh decides to step inside the temple. Trilochan along with villagers blocks Anirudh’s way. Anirudh screams he is here to expose Brijvasi who is fooling them. Sampoorna worries for Bondita.

Ahead, Brivajsi decides to take the money and jewelry and run away. Bondita understands Brijvasi is bad person and fights back Brijvasi. She decides to expose Brijvasi. Brijvasi stops Bondita from going out. Meanwhile, Trilochan announces he won’t let Anirudh go and meet Brijvasi till he himself comes out. Anirudh fights with the crowd and struggles to go out. Here, Bondita calls out for Anirudh, later faints. Brijvasi packs Bondita along with his stuffs and tries to escape. In the meantime, Sampoorna, Saurabh and Anirudh enter the temple. Anirudh tells to everyone that Brijvasi ran away. He reveals how Brijvasi use to fool followers with one of his partner. Trilochan and others gets shocked. Sampoorna worries for Bondita and faints.

Anirudh decides to catch Brijvasi. Brijvasi runs in the jungle along with Bondita. He leaves Bondita in the mid. Bondita decides to catch Brijvasi. Anirudh misunderstands Bondita as Brijvasi’s partner and catches her. He stands shocked seeing Bondita. Bondita stands stunned.

Other side, Mini gets happy thinking her plan is successful. Here, Bondita reveals to Anirudh that Brijvasi was fooling her too by making her to do puja. She recalls her promise with Sampoorna and don’t tell full truth to Anirudh. Anirudh misunderstands Bondita and feels dejected.

Mini gets happy thinking now Anirudh will throw Bondita out from his life. She says she wants Anirudh back in her life at any cost. Further, Anirudh exposes to villagers that Bondita is their culprit. He says she helped Brijvasi to fool devotees.

Villagers accuse Bodnita for stealing their money. Trilochan asks Bondita to say, Anirudh is saying wrong. He asks her not to break their trust. Bondita stands speechless. Anirudh says Bondita is a liar. Sampoorna feels bad for Bondita. Saurbah asks Sampoorna to stay away from Bondita when she decided to reveal why Bondita meet Brijvasi. Trilochan feels dejected too. (Episode Ends)