Barrister Babu 24th February 2021 Written Update: Anirudh apologizes to Trilochan for misunderstanding him

Barrister Babu 24th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sumati pointing towards Binoy. Everyone gets shocked. Anirudh asks Binoy did the accident happen because of him? He shows her anger saying I was finding Sumati Ma from so many days and you didn’t even tell me about it.

Sumati Ma was in very bad condition and you knew it. Bondita also questions Binoy why he did that? Sampoorna shouts at Bondita saying it was not Binoy’s fault. He didn’t do it knowingly as it was dark night that day. Bondita says if he didn’t do it knowingly then why he didn’t tell about this to anybody?

 Sampoorna says she kept Sumati in a safe place. As Bondita would have been very upset over Sumati’s condition. Like how she looks sad now. She says she has done all this to save Anirudh and Binoy’s relationship by not revealing the truth. Sampoorna takes Binoy’s side. Sampoorna says punish me if you think I am wrong.

 Bondita asks then why my mother’s condition is bad. Sampoorna says we are sisters how can you think I did this to Sumati. Sumati says though I was not in my senses but Bondita’s doubt is not wrong. I could sense something that day. Bondita remembers how she tried to meet her mom but Sampoorna stopped her. She asks Sampoorna why she didn’t let her meet Sumati? She also didn’t give the letter to Sumati which she wrote during her periods.

Anirudh gets shocked knowing the truth. He says he got the torn letter and it was Sampoorna only who misguided Bondita that having Periods is sin and family members are in danger because of her. Anirudh shouts at Sampoorna saying Bondita is your sister, how can you teach her something like this. You discouraged her.

 Sampoorna stays quiet. Sumati then shares the whole incident how she was burried alive. She got saved by some people thankfully. Bondita gets shock after hearing all these. She accuses Sampoorna saying how can she do all these? Why did she try to harm her mother? Bondita loses her calm. She gets very angry.

 Sampoorna says yesterday night I was busy doing all the preparations for the ritual how can I kill her? What will I get? Anirudh gets to know that when Sumati met with the accident, the same day Binoy also got married to Sampoorna. He connects the dots and says Trilochan was right about Sampoorna.

Sampoorna blackmailed Binoy using Sumati’s accident. Binoy was bound to marry her. She then started playing her games and misguided Bondita. She did all this to get power and status. Bondita says angrily you could have told me about this, I would have given you jewelries and expensive sarees. But you harmed my mother I won’t forgive you for this.

My mother deserves justice. Anirudh apologizes to Trilochan and tells him to declare his decision about punishing Sampoorna.

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