Barrister Babu 27th February 2020 Written Update: Anirudh runs to save Bondita

Today’s episode starts with few women’s drag Bondita and says they are here to change his life. Bondita calls for Anirudh but a man out there says they are taking her to meet sumita. Bondita gets excited and later says she will not go without Anirudh.

There, Anirudh asks Saudamini to ope the door. Saudamini cries and locks herself to the room. Anirudh breaks the glass of Saudamini’s room and tries to talk with her. Mini cries out loud.

Man out there says Anirudh has only asked them to take her to Sumati. Bondita leaves the house with the widow women happily. Other side, Saudamini refuses to talk with Anirudh and asks him to go back. Meanwhile, Anirudh’s father gets happy thinking once Bondita will leave will not be able to come back to the house.

Here, Sampoorna thinks of Bondita and asks Saurabh to scoop out where is Bondita. Woman gets angry at Sampoorna and asks her if she forgot she can’t meet her husband tonight.

Further, Anirudh cries and confesses his love for Saudamini. He faints down. Damini comes out from the room and adores him. She was about to touch Anirudh but stops herself. She calls Bhola and asks him to take back Anirudh to his house. Widow women take Bondita with them.

Saurabh’s father tells to his wife that Binoy called widows from Vrindavan and send Bondita with them to turn her child widow. Saurabh overhears the talk and seeks into Anirudh’s room. He asks him to wake up before it gets late.

Women says boat is here to take Bondita with them to the Vrindavan. Saurabh manages to wake up Anirudh and asks him to save Bondita before widow women takes Bondita to the Vrindavan. Anirudh runs to save Bondita. Binoy comes in front of Anirudh.

There, Bondita asks if they are not taking her to her mother. A woman out there gets angry at her for questioning them. Bondita gets shocked learning they are taking her to the Vrindavan. She gestures to run but widow womens stops her.

Precap: Anirudh swims the river to save Bondita.