Barrister Babu 28th April 2021 Written Update: Bondita’s life is in danger

Barrister Babu 28th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bondita looking into mirror. She recalls Anirudh’s words and gets upset. She says she is not wife of Anirudh anymore. She takes off her jewels and washes her hands and removes the aalta. Bondita removes her sindoor and bindi. She wears black Saree and black bindi. Trilochan knocks at the door and Bondita opens it.

Trilochan gets stunned seeing Bondita in that get up. He says I never thought I will witness something like this. Trilochan asks for forgiveness from Bondita. He says everything looks fade now as Bondita got separated from Anirudh. He cries. Bondita holds his hand saying she is not going anywhere but she will stay here only. Trilochan says Bondita won’t understand that without marriage a girl holds no position in family. Its the fact. Trilochan leaves after getting upset. Bondita sits on stairs.

Anirudh recalls Panch’s decision how they threatened Bondita and refused to accept Anirudh and Bondita’s decision.Anirudh gets worried for Bondita’s safety. He goes to talk to her.

Seeing Anirudh Bondita hesitates to call him Patibabu. She calls him Barrister Babu. Anirudh says though we are not married anymore but nothing changed between us. We still share a beautiful bond. Anirudh says this society only wants to give name to every relationship , they want to give their own certificate. Anirudh says angrily they can go to any extent to harm Bondita. This is a patriarchal society. They won’t understand a woman’s right.

Sampurna’s informer provokes Panch members against Bondita saying she is doing wrong by going against Panch’s decision. She is shameless. Other society women will also raise their voices after taking inspiration from Bondita. Informer says we should kill Bondita to set an example so that no girl can raise her voice again. Panch nods.

Anirudh says he has only solution that is to send Bondita in Dalhousie boarding school. Bondita gets shocked and asks him will he send her away from him? Anirudh says he just wants to send her away from those dominating men in the society. They can’t stand a girl fighting for her rights. He is afraid as he saw already Bondita will suffer only because of Anirudh’s decision. They tortured Bondita before also. Anirudh says he wants to see Bondita’s happiness.

So Bondita will pursue her dreams in boarding schools. He tells Bondita to smile. He says he will fight with the society alone. He will stay connected to each other by heart. Anirudh says we’ll talk to each other over phone. He gets emotional saying he is bound to stay apart from Bondita. Bondita says she can even leave Tulsipur for Anirudh. She respects his decision.

Bondita prays to Dugga Ma saying Ma will take care of Anirudh. Sampurna says to Koyeli that she wants to go to market with her. Koyeli reveals noone is present in the house, she can’t leave Bondita alone. Sampurna orders her that Bondita is not Malkin anymore. Sampurna thinks in their absence only her plan will work. Bondita sees her books and rearranges them.

Anirduh buys sweater for Bondita as in Dalhousie the weather will be cold. Vihari rushes to meet Anirudh and informs him that patrons sneaked into the haweli and beat him. Trilochan is also caged. They want to kill Bondita for breaking their rules and for staying with her ex husband without any relation. Anirudh stands shocked. Bondita feels someone’s presence in the haweli. Villagers enter with sticks.

The Episode ends

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