Barrister Babu 28th July 2021 Written Update: Chandrachur gets suspicious

Barrister Babu 28th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita saying she is feeling shy the way Anirudh is giving her ideas. Anirudh is about to leave but Bondita tells him to stop. She says she wants to write a letter about her two conditions before marrying the guy. Anirudh recalls child Bondita and says Vaijayanthi is doing the right thing. The groom should be aware of her conditions. Vihari takes the letter from Bondita. Bondita says by evening Anirudh will accept the fact that he loves her.

Chandrachur gets to know Bondita is not in court. He thinks Bondita is deceiving them and meeting Anirudh. He tells his men to gather information about Bondita. Anirudh finds Bondita under the table. Bondita does disaster make up and Anirudh gets reminded of child Bondita again. She says she is going to meet her fiance in the evening thats why she got ready. Anirudh says simplicity is best and Vaijayanthi should not look artificial. He cleans her face with kerchief and Bondita gets shy. He leaves.

Tupur talks to Thakuma that why she is not doing anything to save her marriage. She can’t give heir to Chandrachur and Thakuma should convince Bondita to marry him. She pleads before Thakuma. Thakuma says Bondita will never agree. Vihari tells Anirudh that the postman didn’t deliver Bondita’s letter as the given address is of Roychowdhury haweli only. Anirudh reads Bondita’s letter. She writes her groom will be Anirudh only. She likes him and her conditions are Anirudh will never lie to her and they will be friends after marriage only. She tells Anirudh to meet her.

Thakuma tells Tupur to do suicide drama to convince Bondita to marry Chandrachur. Tupur agrees. Anirudh meets Bondita. He says he only wanted to become her friend, why she found a different meaning of it. There’s some limits, he can’t cross that. Bondita says her family agreed for the marriage, his family too then whats the issue. Anirudh says two people should agree to live with each other. Bondita says she is ready to stay with him forever. She will make him happy always. Anirudh says have you asked for my permission before thinking all this. Bondita says she knows Anirudh loves her as he ate rasgulla after so many years for her. He also played piano and laughed because of her. Bondita says Trilochan feels she can make Anirudh happy. She asks Anirudh about his decision again regarding the marriage. Bondita hopes Anirudh will say no to Vaijayanthi as he loves Bondita. She insists him to tell. Anirudh says no he won’t marry her. Bondita gets happy thinking Anirudh didn’t forget her. Bondita asks him do you think I am not beautiful? Or you feel I am not educated.

Anirudh says he still considers her beautiful but can’t marry her. Bondita says do you love someone else? Anirudh says he is unable to understand what is in his mind. Bondita tells him to close eyes and realise whom he loves. He should ask himself. Anirudh remembers Bondita but avoids giving answer. Bondita says she wants his answer within 24 hours. He will tell her he is ready for the marriage or not. If he is not then he will tell her the real reason. She won’t leave him without knowing the answer. Anirudh remains quiet.

Episode ends

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