Barrister Babu 29th September 2020 Written Update: Anirudh refuses to marry Saudamini

Barrister Babu 29th September 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Bondita telling to Sumati about Anirudh’s other letter for her. Devoleena comes and reveals to Sumati that Anirudh thrown Bondita out from the house.

There, Binoy calls Bihari. He infroms him that Trilochan won’t go out from the house for time being, so take care of him. Bihari says yes. Binoy gets happy thinking now he will bring Mini to their house as their daughter-in law.

Other side, Devoleena accuses Bondita for doing something wrong thus Anirudh threw Bondita out from the house. Sumati refuses to believe. She cries and says Anirudh promised her to always support her. She can’t believe Anirudh will do something like that. Bondita stand speechless.

Ahead, Bhaumik complaints Roy and says because of Bondita, Mini lost her sight. Anirudh asks Bhaumik if only Bondita is at mistake than why they took Mini to Brijvasi. Anirudh insists Bhaumik to get Mini diagnosed to good doctor. Bhaumik says he already did. Binoy suggests sending Mini to London as he has good reference out there. Bhaumik does drama and pretend helpless. He says Mini can’t see, now who will take her to London. Seeing Bhaumik’s helplessness, Anirudh says he will go to London with Mini. Binoy smirks.

Here, Devoleena says that Bondita might have done something bad thus Anirudh threw her out from the house. Bondita interrupts and reveals to Sumati that Anirudh has send her home for forever. Sumati beats Bondita and asks her to reveal what she did. Bondita cries.

Meanwhile, Anirudh promise to Bhaumik that he will support Mini and will help her to get her sight back. Bhaumik refuses to send Mini with Anirudh. Anirudh asks the reason. Bhaumik says without any legal relationship between Mini and Anirudh, he won’t let the duo to go to London. Anirudh gets angry at Bhaumik for his low thinking. Bhaumik asks if he is broad minded than why he is not marrying Mini.

Further, Sumati gives her promise to Bondita and asks her what wrong she did? Bondita reveals that Sampoorna’s marriage was about to break because of dowry. She tells Brijvasi’s story to Sumati. She tells thus she lied to Anirudh. Bondita asks Sumati not to tell Anirudh the truth else Sampoorna’s marriage will break with Saurabh. Hearing, Bondita Suamti hugs her. Sundaram and Devoleena stand speechless.

Bhaumik asks Anirudh if he will marry Mini. Anirudh recalls his wedding with Bondita. Binoy makes Anirudh recalls that he has only said that Bondita was just his responsibility not wife.

Sumati cries in front of God and asks Goddess Durga to show her the way to save Sampoorna and Bondita.

In the meantime, Binoy brings Mini and asks Anirudh to make Mini his second wife. Anirudh raises his voice against second marriage. He says he won’t do sin by marrying Mini and doing injustice with her by making her his second wife. Anirudh refuses to marry Mini.

Later, Sumati urges Sundaram to save both Bondita and Sampoorna’s house. Sundrama suggests Sumati to send letter to Anirudh quoting the truth and he is sure Anirudh will understand Bondita. Sumati likes the idea.

There, Anirudh argues with Binoy and Bhaumik over marrying Mini. Binoy, Bhaumik and Mini decide to weak Anirudh so that he says yes for the wedding.

At Sumati’s house, Bondita settles her stuffs and recalls the past. Sundaram sympathizes with Bondita. Devoleena too praises Bondita. But she adds Sampoorna will be out from the house soon because one day Bondita and Sumati will tell the truth to Roy’s. She asks Sundaram to imagine whom he can see crying leaving the house, Sampoorna or Bondita. Sundaram says he can’t see Sampoorna in pain. Devoleena asks Sundaram to let her do whatever she is doing. She conspiracies against Bondita and thinks to let society decide Bondita’s destiny. (Episode Ends)

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