Barrister Babu 31st July 2020 Written Update: Anirudh accepts Bondita his wife

Barrister Babu 31st July 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode Sumati asking Bondita to go and ask Anirudh to send her back with her. Bondita asks Sumati why she is tensed. Sumati asks Bondita to tell if she is not willing to leave the big house. Bondita says to her mother that she is misunderstanding her. She further says to Sumati that for her happiness she will ask Anirudh to allow her to go back home. Sumati prays to God and asks Goddess Durga to grant her for lying to Bondita.

There, Sampoorna learns Devoleena that Sundrama went to Roy’s house to take the money. She gets tensed. Here, Sundaram misunderstands Binoy as housekeeper and misbehaves with him. Binoy calls Munshi and asks him to throw Sundaram out. Munshi covers the talks and says Sundaram is his relative and apologizes on his behalf. Binoy asks Munshi to take care of his relative. Munshi gets angry on Sundaram for coming to Roy house. He further breaks all the ties with Sundaram and asks him to take Sampoorna with them forever.

Meanwhile, Bondita goes to Anirudh and asks him to send her back home. Anirudh refuses to send Bondita. Bondita than says to Anirudh that if he won’t allow her than she will stop taking breath till he says yes. Anirudh gets shocked and calls Sumati. Binoy learns that Trilochan called Sumati home so that she can take Bondita away with her. Seeing Bondita’s adamant behavior Trilochan gets happy.

Sumati comes and asks Bondita to relax. Anirudh and Sumati argue over Bondita and Anirudh asks Sumati who is instigating her against him and Bondita. Trilochan signals Sumati and Sumati take the entire blame on her. She than says to Anirudh that she gave Bondita a birth thus she knows well what is good and bad for her.

Anirudh replies Sumati back and says Bondita is his wife now and none other than him can take her decision on his behalf. Sumati, Bondita and Roy’s stands shocked. (Episode Ends)