Barrister Babu 3rd April 2021 Written Update: Bondita disappoints Anirudh

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Episode starts with Anirudh telling Vihari to bring water for Bondita as she will study. Anirudh says he will teach her. Anirudh gets happy seeing Bondita. He says she doesnt need to feel stressed or scared as easy questions will be asked during interview. Bondita says she could have done the same thing to Manorama when she was trying to slap her but she didn’t do so as Anirudh taught her to be humble always. Anirudh says let’s start the interview. Think that I am the interviewer.
Bondita knocks at the door. She says may I come in? Anirudh asks what’s her favorite subject? Bondita says math and history. Anirudh says girls are weak in maths. Bondita says you have wrong thinking as everyone has equal potentiality to learn something. Dedication is important. Anirudh gets happy and he says Bondita is completely ready to face the interview. They share a good laugh.

Anirudh gets angry recalling that Manorama raises her hand to slap Bondita. He says angrily to Manorama that she shouldnt have done this to Bondita no matter how big is the reason. Manorama says she got scared after seeing her weapon and designs fell down from the box because of Bondita. Anirudh says he won’t tolerate if she tries to harm Bondita again.

Next day Bondita behaves weirdly in front of the interviewer. She doesn’t say hello. She doesn’t answer properly. She doesn’t say her name as well. Anirudh interferes saying Bondita is nervous maybe. Interviewer tells him not to interfere. Anirudh gets upset and says to Bondita that she should not act as if she has no idea about the answers. Interviewer leaves saying Bondita is not capable enough to learn a subject. She needs more practice. Anirudh tries to stop him but he refuses to stay back. Bondita smiles and says she won’t stay away from her Patibabu.

Seeing Anirudh’s anger Manorama tells him to calm down. She says he needs to think peacefully what to do with Bondita as anger always destroys everything. Anirudh gets idea and he thinks of using Bondita’s anger for her own good. He says he will transform Bondita’s anger into determination.

Bondita smiles while making preparations for Holi. Koyeli asks why is she smiling. She recalls last year incident when Anirudh was using typewriter to write something. Anirudh says its made for saving our time so that we write faster. Anirudh promises her to gift the typewriter in next year during Holi when she will learn English properly. Seeing Vatuk Bondita hides. She reveals to Anirudh that she is scared of colors. Anirudh makes her understand that colors are good. She should not show her weakness to anybody. As colors make one’s life better. She also wears colorful sarees. He applies color on Bondita and she too applies on Anirudh.

Vihari asks this year Anirudh will apply color on her first or not. Bondita says she stays in his heart only. Anirudh likes educated girl. Bondita says I am studying as well, I know English. Then why will he refuse to apply color on me? She says Anirudh will gift her typewriter also as he promised.

Puja starts. Bondita was about to put colors on Anirudh but Manorama comes to him. Bondita gets shocked.