Barrister Babu 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Saudamini burns Heera Mandi girls’ house

Barrister Babu 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with two boys of Saudamini’s teams stand in front of Bondita who is getting late for the class. The boys mock her since she comes from a little village where girls walk with vase of waters on their heads. They challenge Bondita to walk with ball on her head without touching it though otherwise they won’t let her go. Bondita does that and punctures the ball too asking them to remember the lesson.

On the other hand, Anirudh wonders when girls will take studies seriously. The girls come there and Suraya says that they thought they won’t have class today as they studied till late yesterday night. Anirudh scolds them. Bondita comes there and apologizes as she couldn’t wake up earlier. Anirudh says that he isn’t teaching them how to make excuses and reminds them that there are 900 pages left to study.

Anirudh notices they are sleepy so he throws the water from a barrel and asks the girls to fill it up taking water from the water well giving them only 15 minutes. The girls rush to get the water but struggle. Anirudh and Saurabh look at them. Saurabh says that the girls are really tired.

 They are putting water in the barrel with a bucket and that’s taking time so Bondita suggests to use a wheel to pull the rope with bucket as she saw her mother doing that. The girls do that and can easily get water in buckets this way. Saurabh understands that Anirudh was teaching them a lesson.

The bucket slips from Bholi’s hands and she gets wet so she goes to the house to change her clothes. Saudamini comes there and throws kerosene everywhere willing to burn the place where Heera Mandi girls stay so that they will be left with no place to live in. She puts fire throwing a day on the kerosene and then leaves wondering if Trilochan will ever let the girls enter his house.

The time for the challenge given to the girls by Anirudh is ending. He wanted to teach them a lesson for strength. Just then, Bondita notices that the house is on fire and screams. Anirudh and the other girls notice it too and rush with water towards the fire.

The fire can’t be put off but Anirudh manages to rescue Bholi who was stuck inside the house. Through gesture, Bholi makes others understands that Saudamini lightened up the fire. Anirudh shouts Saudamini’s name enraged.

Anirudh reaches Saudamini’s class. She reminds them that the challenge is not today. Anirudh blames her for lightening the fire. He asks whether she is scared of losing. Greenwood comes and asks him not to blame Betty without any evidence and if he has proof then he should show. Anirudh says that Bholi has seen Saudamini lightening the fire.

Greenwood says that they will believe it only if Bholi tells it. Anirudh and the girls ask Bholi to speak up but she cries. Bondita asks them all not to pressurize Bholi otherwise she will get unwell. Saudamini thinks that she knew that Bholi won’t be able to speak. Greenwood says that Bholi cannot speak and asks how she told them that Saudamini lightened up the fire. He suggests not to waste time and go home to prepare for the competition.

Anirudh is about to leave when Saudamini asks where the girls will go as the roof has been snatched from them. She asks what will happen with them. Anirudh thinks that he won’t let Saudamini succeed in her intentions. He takes the girls away.

Anirudh asks the girls not to worry as they can stay in his other house. Suraya forbids the girls to leave anywhere else and says that he can give them roof and stuff but asks whether he can protect them. She asks what if something had happened to Bholi and what if Greenwood and Saudamini try to burn them again. Ramaya apologizes to Anirudh and explains that they are scared. Bondita agrees with them: Saudamini and Greenwood could try to harm them again so they need a place where they will be safe and none could harm them. Anirudh says that there is a place and asks them to follow him.

They reach Roy Chaudhary Haweli. Anirudh says that there can’t be a safer place for them. Bondita remembers Trilochan saying that he doesn’t want Heera Mandi girls in the mansion. She wonders if he will agree to let the girls stay in the house.

Episode ends

Precap: Trilochan asks Koyli to wash Bondita’s stuff with Ganga water. Bondita informs Trilochan that Anirudh has brought the girls in the mansion but Trilochan gets angry and says that they can’t enter the house till he is alive.

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