Barrister Babu 4th March 2020 Written Update: Anirudh gets angry at Bondita!

In today’s episode it is seen Bondita asking Anirudh to open the door. She says to him that she being his wife has to seek blessing from him. Furious, Anirudh opens the door and yells at Bondita. He asks her what she wants to prove saying she is his wife. Somnath and Batuk ask Anirudh to punish her. Bondita gets upset. Anirudh calms and asks Bondita what she wants from him. Bondita says because her mother asked her to seek the blessing from husband as she is his wife.

Anirudh steps back and says to Bondita this is not right. Afterwards, Bondita explains to Anirudh that her mother told her that husband is equal to God thus she should seek blessing from him. Anirudh says he not any God. Bondita then asks Anirudh if he is right than why all says he is wrong and they are right.

Other side, Mini throws the food brought by koyali. Dida asks Mini why she is angry at food. She asks her not to get angry. Anirudh give a book to Bondita and asks him to read and find an answer by herself why he is right and others are wrong. Further, Mini says to her Dida that Anirudh can’t betray him. She says Bondita might have done some black magic thus Anirudh married her. She decides to peep into Anirudh’s room. Dida sees Bodnita from back. Later, Trilochan prepares for post marriage ritual of Anirudh and Bondita. Binoy gets angry at Trilochan and Trilochan tries to convince him. There, Sampoorna performs the post marriage ritual. She spots Munshi with his second wife and misunderstands them. She tries to tell about this to Saurabh’s mother but fails.

Here, Bondita asks Trilochan why she has only to keep fast in spite wife and husbands are equal. Trilochan asks who said this to her. He gets shocked learning Anirudh told to her. Episode ends with Bondita thinking how she will wear the saree.

Precap: Bondita gets ready for rituals. Anirudh asks guests to go back!