Barrister Babu 5th March 2020 Written Update: Anirudh gets adamant not to perform ritual

In today’s episode we see Bondita getting ready by herself. She smudges the lipstick all over her face. After getting ready she feels hungry and drinks water. She says she won’t eat anything before rituals.

Here, Anirudh meets Mini. Mini asks him if he is here to invite her for post marriage ritual. Anirudh asks Mini if she don’t to listen why he marry Bondita. Mini refuses to listen to Anirudh and accuses him for betraying her. Anirudh tries to keep his word but Mini responds angrily to him. Ahead, Mini misunderstands Anirudh and thinks Bondita trapped him with her beautiful hair. She thinks to cut her long hair but Anirudh stops her.

Meanwhile, Bihari interrupts and asks Anirudh to come with him for the ritual. Mini asks Anirudh to go to his wife. Elsewhere, Sampoorna asks Munshi’s second wife to go back to her room. Saurabh’s mother asks Sampoorna to apologize to her. Sampoorna says she will not ask she is wrong. She discloses that she was hugging Saurabh’s father. Saurabh and his mother stand shocked.

There, guests congratulates Trilochan and asks them to introduce Bondita and Anirudh. Bondita comes and everyone gets shocked seeing her get up. Later, Anirudh ruins the function and asks guests to go back home. Trilochan drags Anirudh inside and gets angry at him. He emotionally blackmails Anirudh. But Anirudh gets adamant on his decision and asks guests to leave as no ritual is going to happen here. Seeing Anirudh’s decision she thinks if he will not perform ritual than how Sumita will come to visit her. Sampoorna gets shocked learning that Soormny is not Saurabh’s mother. Sampoorna gets shocked learning that Soormny is not Saurabh’s mother. Soormny says she don’t have any complaint with Viraj.

Here, Bondita cries and Anirudh meets her. He asks her why she is upset. Bondita tells him that if he wills not perform rituals than her mother won’t come to visit her.

Precap: Bondita complaints to Anirudh and makes him recall about her condition. Anirudh shows Bondita about a letter he received and gets shocked.