Barrister Babu 5th May 2021 Written Update: Deboleena is all set to put Bondita’s life in danger

Barrister Babu 5th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bondita asking Anirudh can I choose you after I become educated. Anirudh says yes you can. I didn’t want to get freedom from you but I wanted to free you from all the fake customs and barriers so that you fly high. Bondita says we do have a special relationship right? Anirudh says yes its unique and we have respect for each other. I will always support you. Anirudh says he wants to be sky for Bondita so that it never blocks her way to achieve anything. Anirudh says though our relationship has no name but I respect it. Bondita says but I have a name for our relationship. She shows him sign of flute and arrow. Anirudh guesses Bondita is indicating towards Krishna and Arjun. Bondita says we tease each other also we love each other. You are my friend philosopher and guide. We are just like Krishna and Arjun. Anirudh also accepts Bondita as his best friend. They hug each other. Anirudh tells her to give the interview properly.

Anirudh and Bondita enter school. Anirudh waits for Bondita. Bondita gets selected after giving proper answers in the interview. Anirudh gets overjoyed and congratulates her. Bondita says tell me bravo. Anirudh smiles. School teacher shows Bondita her room in boarding school. Anirudh and Bondita see the room. Teacher asks Anirudh what’s his relation with Bondita? Bondita says he is her Sakha babu. Bondita gives her family members’ names to teacher. Her parents names and grandma’s name. Anirudh gets upset before leaving Bondita. Anirudh tells her call me whenever you need me. You know the number right? Bondita and Anirudh hide each other’s faces to hide their emotions. Anirudh controls his tears. They say bye to each other and Anirudh cries after going outside. He calls Bondita and tells her to smile. Bondita also cries her heart out.

Trilochan is left devastated. He refuses to eat anything. He sends Vihari away. Sampurna notices him and wonders what happened to Trilochan suddenly? Anirudh tells Vihari he will feed Trilochan. Vihari says Trilochan doesnt want to talk to him. Anirudh takes the plate. Seeing Anirudh Trilochan leaves from there angrily. Sampurna says something wrong happened between Trilochan and Anirudh for sure. Else Trilochan can’t get this much disappointed with Anirudh.

Deboleena washes plates and thinks about her bad luck how her daughter Sampurna is getting all the luxuries and she got nothing. One villager informs her about the reward of 25 thousand rupees which she can get after killing Bondita. Deboleena gets shock.

Teacher tells Bondita to make family tree. Bondita adds all the pictures of her in laws and informs her teacher that she will click other members’ pictures using hand camera. She further says she doesn’t have blood relation with her in laws still she loves them a lot.

Deboleena gets scared and tells Anirudh will kill her if she traps Bondita. Villager says yes the work is risky then leave it. Deboleena agrees and says she can give him Bondita’s address but other things like killing her and hanging her ripped head will be done by the villager. Deboleena says she will get the half amount of the reward right? Villager agrees. Deboleena smirks

The Episode ends

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