Barrister Babu 8th March 2021 Written Update: Anirudh meets Manorama at the anniversary party

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Barrister Babu: Sampoorna successfully separates Anirudh and Bondita

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Episode starts with Anirudh recalling Azadi express. Anirudh says he spent a good time with her. He says its won’t be easy for me to forget you. You are courageous and the bravest woman I have ever seen. He writes down his thoughts in diary. Suddenly the ink finishes and Anirudh tries to find new pen but notices Bondita’s diary and gets surprised seeing Bondita wrote her name with Anirudh’s name. He recalls how Bondita behaved weirdly in past few days. He says how can Bondita write these things instead of studying.

Bondita writes Anirudh’s name on her hand using aalta. Anirudh gets shocked seeing that and he says he wants to talk to Bondita. He asks why is she writing his name? Bondita says so whats wrong in it? Today is our anniversary. Anirudh gets irritated and says why haven’t Bondita finished her homework yet? Bondita says I’ll finish it later Patibabu. Anirudh shouts at Bondita saying don’t call me patibabu. He throws the aalta pot. Bondita says why not? We are married right? Anirudh says I made you understand these things before as well then why are you being stubborn. He thinks these customs have affected Bondita’s mind very badly. He takes Bondita in washroom.

Anirudh tells Bondita to remove his name immediately. He tells her to finish her homework first. Else she will not attend the function. Anirudh tries to wash Bondita’s hand. Bondita leaves from there crying. Anirudh thinks how will he make Bondita understand that their marriage is not a simple like others. He married her to make her a barrister only. Why is it getting so tough for him.

Guests start coming and Trilochan introduces special guest Ramanuj to Anirudh. Anirudh says hello to him and his family. He gets shocked seeing Manorama. He calls her azadi express. Trilochan says Manorama is very homely and sweet. She is so simple. Anirudh acts as if he never met her before and he keeps smiling. Trilochan praises Manorama for her decent nature. Trilochan says Ramanuj is looking for a guy for Manorama.

Bondita writes a note sadly. Anirudh and Manorama pray to God. Anirudh says is this marriage a part of her plan? Manorama says I don’t want them to get stressed for me. So I won’t tell them about my aim. She says I am sorry I couldn’t say good bye to you properly after the mission.

Vihari calls Bondita to attend the function but Bondita says without finishing the homework I won’t go anywhere. She gets upset over Anirudh’s rude behavior. She says why Patibabu doesn’t want to accept our relationship.

Anirudh says he will not reveal about Manorama’s aim to anybody. It will be confidential. He says because of you I submitted Bondita’s school fees. Manorama says I have seen her. She is really brave. You should be thankful to her. She saved you. Anirudh gets worried for Bondita saying she cant concentrate on other things rather than studies.

Bondita finishes her homework. Anirudh gets lost in his thoughts and Trilochan tells Anirudh to help Manorama in lifting the heavy things. Bondita comes and seeing Anirudh’s happiness Bondita gets angry. She then starts dancing to impress Anirudh. Anirudh tries to stop her but Bondita continues to dance. One vase falls down near Manorama and it breaks. Trilochan asks is she alright? Anirudh shouts at Bondita saying why she knowingly broke the flower vase. He tells her to say sorry to Manorama. Bondita says she hasn’t done anything wrong so she will not apologize. Anirudh shows his anger saying has she finished her homework? Bondita says yes and she also says why are you behaving rudely with me on the special occasion of our wedding anniversary? Anirudh thinks how will Bondita understand that this marriage is only a responsibility for me nothing else.

Bondita tells the photographer to click pictures of her and Anirudh. Photographer gives heart shaped balloon to them. Anirudh gets angry and says he is not happy with all the things happening around. He is hating every arrangements. Bondita asks what’s wrong in it? We are life partners, this is a pure relationship filled with care and love then why are you hating it all of a sudden. Anirudh thinks Bondita will not be able to tolerate the truth. But he has to tell her the truth today. Trilochan says today Anirudh has to accept Bondita as his wife truly.

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