Barrister Babu 8th May 2021 Written Update: Bondita frees herself using self-defense tactics

Barrister Babu 8th May 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita shouting fire what Anirudh taught her about self defense. Anirudh asks someone about Bondita but latter says he didn’t see her. Bondita hears bell sound and she gathers courage with closed eyes recalling Anirudh’s words. She finds one barrel. Later she opens a cupboard and throws stuffs here and there. Bondita finds telephone and tries to contact Anirudh. She finds out the telephone is kept wihout wire. She recalls same thing happened in haweli and she solved the problem. Bondita tries to find socket to connect the wire.

Anirudh bumps into the kidnapper and notices Bondita’s locket. He starts beating him and asks where is Bondita tell me. Latter tells him about what Deboleena did. But doesnt reveal her name. Anirudh releases him and he runs off.

Bondita connects the wire and tries to reach Anirudh through telephone call. Sampurna picks it up and gets shocked hearing her voice. She cuts the call. Sampurna says this Bondita is really smart. Now because of Deboleena, Sampurna will also get caught. Sampurna thinks of an idea to get rid off Bondita.

Deboleena checks Bondita in room and Bondita acts unconscious. Deboleena tells she has to inform the villager about Bondita as soon as possible. Bondita throws away something to distract Deboleena. Deboleena goes out to check. Bondita again calls in the haweli and Trilochan tells Sampurna that he will receive the call instead of her. Bondita informs Trilochan about her kidnapping which is done by Deboleena. She tells there might be a temple outside where she confined me. Deboleena snatches the telephone from Bondita. Trilochan cuts the call and confronts Sampurna. He is about to slap her but Vihari stops him. Trilochan says how could you do this to Bondita? You told your mother about Bondita’s address? Sampurna denies saying don’t treat me like I am your servant’s wife. How shall I know where is Bondita.

Deboleena tells Bondita stop being oversmart. You will get a lesson soon. Bondita tells her you are heartless, I thought you are only greedy but you can even kill someone. Trilochan says to Sampurna you are expert at making evil plans. You are behind this only. Sampurna says she has no relationship with her parents after they left. Vihari says Sampurna sends haweli ration to her parents. Sampurna tells him to shut up but Trilochan tells Sampurna to shut her mouth. Trilochan tells Sampurna if Bondita gets hurt noone will be able to save you from my anger. Vihari tells Trilochan that Anirudh called him. Trilochan informs Anirudh about Bondita’s phone call. Anirudh rushes to find her.

Deboleena tells Bondita you are getting punished because of your karma. You followed your husband’s lead that’s why you are suffering. Bondita says my Sakha Babu can’t show me wrong path. I’ll listen to him always. Bondita then plays mind game with Deboleena saying she can get caught if the villager doesn’t come. He will get all the money. Deboleena tells you can’t fool me. Bondita says what if Anirudh comes here. Bondita convinces Deboleena saying she is feeling hungry and she is small girl so can’t disappear also. Deboleena goes out to bring food for Bondita. Bondita frees herself and cuts the rope using a sharp stone. She opens the lock as well thinking about Anirudh’s technique. She goes outside and finds the bell. Anirudh shouts Bondita’s name and hears the bell ringing. He sees Bondita and gets happy.

The Episode ends

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