Barrister Babu 9th April 2021 Written Update: Manorama’s attempt to impress queen Bhaibhavi

Barrister Babu 9th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bondita saying barrister coat belongs to her only. She says she will only study to become Barrister Babu. She will work hard. Anirudh smiles. Manorama says I can atleast click a picture wearing this coat and hat. Bondita says its my Patibabu’s dream. I’ll only fulfill it. Bondita wears the coat and leaves from there. Anirudh gets happy.

Bondita says Manorama can’t snatch her dreams. She will fulfill Anirudh’s dreams. She promises Anirudh and herself as well. Anirudh says he successfully convinced Bondita.

Bondita tells Vatuk she will start going to school with him from tomorrow. Vatuk says Anirudh torn her copies, teacher will get angry. Bondita says she will again write them. Vatuk gets shocked knowing that Bondita will finish writing them in one night. Anirudh gets overjoyed and shares his happiness with Manorama. He thanks Manorama for helping him so much. He holds her hand out of excitement. Later they feel embarrassed. Anirudh says sorry to her. Manorama tells no need to say sorry as we are friends. This sounds awkward. Manorama praises Anirudh for supporting Bondita. Manorama says Anirudh has sacrificed a lot for Bondita. Anirudh also praises Manorama for her bravery. They accept each other’s friendship. Manorama gets upset over the fact that their friendship won’t last longer as Manorama is going to lose her life. She waits for Vice Roy concert.

Trilochan can’t read the newspaper due to problems in his glasses. Bondita reads it for Trilochan and he becomes happy. Bondita reads one headline that Vice Roy General will visit Tulsipur in three days. Manorama gets happy to know about it. One vase falls down. Trilochan gets irked and saya Manorama doesn’t know anything. Bodnita enjoys. Manorama asks did they get invitation to attend the concert of Vice Roy General. Binoy reveals thakur canceled Roychowdhury’s name from the guests list as he misbehaved with Bondita and wants to take revenge from Roychowdhury. Manorama suggests to talk with Queen Baibhavi so that she allows them to attend the concert. Trilochan tells he doesn’t care about the concert. Noone will go there. Manorama leaves. Bondita feels why Manorama got upset this much.

Manorama reveals her helplessness to Anirudh. She was about to tell that she can even give her life to fulfill the mission. But Anirudh suggests Manorama to greet Bhaibhavi well. So that Baibhavi gets impressed and allows her to attend the concert of Vice Roy. Anirudh says Bhaibhavi likes English breakfast. Manorama can give her those. Manorama agrees.

Manorama attempts to make cake and Bondita notices her. She feels Manorama is going to make another disaster dish. Bondita imagines Anirudh is shouting after eating the stone like hard cake. Vatuk tells Bondita that if one gets good marks in exam she/he will get the scope to welcome Vice Roy General. Bondita doesn’t hear him. Manorama leaves thinking that she will impress Bhaibhavi with the cake. Bondita decides to make the cake again so that Anirudh gets to eat it.

The Episode ends.

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