Barrister Babu 9th November 2020 Written Update: Saudamini confesses her truth in front of everyone

Barrister Babu 9th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita telling Anirudh that her mother told her to try every possible way to stop someone from doing something bad so she is asking him repeatedly not to go to London with Mini. Anirudh notices Binoy’s arm. Bondita says that she will come with them too but Anirudh says that he will go only with Mini.

Bondita refuses to give back his coat then. Anirudh yells making Bondita upset and Binoy relieved. He leaves. Anirudh feels sorry for Bondita. The latter says that she has lots of people around her but what if she has to ask something to him. She runs away sadly. Anirudh says that he trusts her and knows she is saying the truth.

On the other hand, Bihari plays around Trilochan but he is unresponsive. Bihari complains sharing how upset he is with Anirudh going to London with Saudamini.

In the evening, Anirudh takes Saudamini to a room decorated with diyas. She is happy to see all the decoration. Anirudh praises her. Saudamini wishes he says I love you to her quickly. Anirudh walks behind her and thinks that now she will confess her truth herself.

At the same time, Bondita decorates the temple with diyas and says that everyone thinks she is a child and even Anirudh doesn’t believe her. She prays to get a way so that he trusts her.

Anirudh tells Saudamini that she doesn’t know if this view is more beautiful or her and she isn’t even aware of what is going on in her heart. At the same time, Bondita looks at Binoy giving donation to people of village after making Trilochan touch the boxes. Anirudh starts acting frenetic saying that the world cannot see them together and he loves her a lot. He throws kerosene on both of them and says that Bondita has bothered him a lot since he decided to go to London with her. He says that, since they cannot live together, they will die together. He grabs a diya to burn her pallu.

Saudamini pushes him away and runs out of the room. She bashes him. The people of village, Binoy, Bihari and Bondita look at them. Saudamini confesses she isn’t blind and she doesn’t need any cure but she just pretended to be blind to separate Bondita and Anirudh. Anirudh says that they are engaged. Saudamini throws away the ring she is wearing and confesses he never made her wear any ring. Everyone overhears everything.

Just then, Trilochan starts clapping. He gets up and walks to Saudamini. Bondita runs towards him. Trilochan says that she confessed her truth herself. Bondita cries and thanks Durga Mata for making Trilochan fine. She is very happy and says that it’s her best Diwali so far.

Saudamini asks how Trilochan is fine. Anirudh says that Trilochan is absolutely fine but he wasn’t fine when he came to know that she saw Bondita in Heera Mandi but ignored her and left her in such a place. He says that Bondita showed him what he couldn’t see and told him how she was pretending to be blind. He asks Saudamini to look at Bondita and affirms that there is as much truth in Bondita’s heart and eyes as much hate is her. Anirudh reveals that Trilochan told him everything when he came back.

Flashback starts. Anirudh cries in front of Trilochan who is on wheelchair but he moves his hand. Trilochan reveals that he had no life in body but he got it back when Bondita asked for blessings. He says that he didn’t say anything earlier because he must know the truth first.

He reveals that Saudamini is not blind but pretending to be blind. Anirudh is about to get out but Trilochan stops him and also reveals that Saudamini also plotted against him by mixing alcohol in his drink so that he falls asleep in her room, got his character stained in front of villagers and then he had to announce the engagement. He reveals that Binoy is with Saudamini too and asks Anirudh to promise that he will teach her a lesson for her deeds. Flashback ends.

Anirudh reveals that Trilochan proved true what Bondita said and then whatever just happened was done to bring Saudamini’s truth in front of the world. He looks at Bondita and says that he knows she always says the truth.

Episode ends

Precap: Saudamini swears to snatch all happiness from Bondita and turn her life worse than hell. Trilochan slaps her and orders her to get out of the house and never show her face again.

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