Barrister Babu: How will villagers react to Bonditta’s speech?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu is now going to start a new track as Barrister Bonditta has finally exposed Chandrachur and trapped him in her plan. Anirudh is proved innocent as Chandrachur unknowingly confessed all his crimes in front of the judge and police. Bonditta is praised by everyone for her bravery and cunningness. We are about to witness the return of Batuk and it is going to be a surprise for all of us and we will find the reason as we continue watching the latest episodes.

The villagers said men will decide how women will live and how they will die. The villagers dragged Kumud to river and are about to throw her in river but Bonditta stopped them and told Kumud to run and call Anirudh. The villagers threw Bonditta in river. Kumud told Anirudh to save Bonditta as she is drowning in river. Anirudh rushed to save Bonditta and jumped into river. Batuk overhead villagers talking that today the flow is very swift and Anirudh has jumped into river to save Bonditta.

Anirudh found a raft and makes Bonditta climb it. Anirudh tried to climb the raft but realizes it can’t bear weight of two people. Anirudh tells Bonditta to let him go and continue her fight. Batuk jumped into the river to save Anirudh. Batuk went to that room and finds Bonditta unconscious in the bed. Batuk told since childhood Anirudh kept trying to save her but he shouldn’t have. Batuk told Anirudh should have been alive in Bonditta’s place and she doesn’t deserve to live. Batuk picked up scissors to kill Bonditta. Doctor told him that Bonditta is pregnant but she is still not out of danger and they shouldn’t give her any kind of stress.

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