Barrister Babu: Manorama to get exposed in front of Bondita

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Colors TV popular show Barrister Babu has always kept its audience gripped to their seat with its engaging yet progressive storyline. Earlier it’s seen that Bondita went to the venue with Anirudh and Manorama hiding in their car while Manorama planned to execute her mission. Now it will be seen that Manorama will knock out Bondita as Bondita will find about her mission.

Previously, we have seen that, Bondita kept Manorama busy while she exchanged the fake jacket with the real one. Anirudh tried to inform Bondita about the interview but got distracted. Anirudh felt bad thinking that he would lose Manorama and Bondita simultaneously in his life as Manorama’s mission will get completed while Bondita will leave for boarding school. Bondita wore the real jacket while Manorama wore the fake one. She left to the concert with Anirudh while Bondita hid inside their car trunk. Anirudh and Manorama discussed about the mission in car while Bondita got confused hearing them. Later Anirudh and Bondita entered the venue with their names in the list while Bondita came out of her hiding.

In the future episodes we will witness that Bondita will enter the venue claiming to be Anirudh’s wife and is there to welcome viceroy. Manorama will leave to get ready for her mission with her partner. Anirudh will still not be aware of Manorama’s suicide bomb attack. Manorama will get ready for the attack when Bondita will come in search of her. Bondita will spot her planning and will mistake her to be a thief. Manorama will knock out Bondita before she could do something. Bondita will get called on stage but she will not come. Anirudh will get worried for Bondita and will go in search for her while Manorama will get ready to execute her plan.

Will Anirudh manage to find Bondita on time? Can Anirudh able to stop the bomb blast?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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