Barrister Babu: Trilochan and Kalindi will challenge each other?

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Colors TV popular show Barrister Babu has always kept its audience gripped to their seat with its engaging yet progressive storyline.

Earlier it’s seen that Anirudh brought food for Bondita and also revealed his true identity to Bondita. Now it will be seen Anirudh will have future plans for Bondita while Kalindi and Trilochan will challenge each other.
Previously we have seen that, Kalindi wanted to get rid of Anirudh and his teachings from Bondita’s mind but Bondita stood adamant to not let that happen. She even refused the little food offered by Kalindi. Anirudh felt both proud and sad seeing Bondita.

Kalindi loaded Bondita with work on empty stomach. Anirudh unable to witness it, brought food for her from his house. Sampoorna noticed a lady and got suspicious as Anirudh escaped on time. Trilochan tried to talk with Kalindi but she insulted him. Later Anirudh brought food for Bondita and also revealed that he’s her Sakha Babu. Bondita hugged him happily.

Will Anirudh and Bondita manage to escape Kalindi? Will Sampoorna finds out Anirudh’s plan?
In the future episodes we will witness, Anirudh will reveal about his future plan to send Bondita away to London to keep her away from Kalindi. On the other hand, Sampoorna will send a mute person to find about Anirudh’s next move.

Kalindi will catch the person and will create a ruckus at Anirudh’s place. Anirudh will come getting changed in his usual attire and will deny sending the man. Kalindi and Trilochan will engage in war of words while Kalindi challenges to cut her arms off if she ever visit them. In return she swears to cut off Anirudh’s arms if he visits her place. Everyone gets shocked hearing it.

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favourite show Barrister Babu, stay tuned to this space.