Barrister Babu Weekly Update: Can Bonditta get widows their right?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu is now going to start a new track as Barrister Bonditta has finally exposed Chandrachur and trapped him in her plan. Anirudh is proved innocent as Chandrachur unknowingly confessed all his crimes in front of the judge and police. Bonditta is praised by everyone for her bravery and cunningness. We are about to witness the return of Batuk and it is going to be a surprise for all of us and we will find the reason as we continue watching the latest episodes.

Chandrachur told he was the cause of fight between Tulsipur and them. Chandrachur told how he mixed chemicals in the clothes sent by Bonditta to Anirudh during the sword fight so that Anirudh would blame her. Bonditta told Chandrachur he is a devil. Chandrachur accepted being a devil but told the cause of him becoming a devil is Bonditta. Chandrachur told he had a fight with Anirudh and fell from the cliff but he did not die his men saved him and he faked being dead to get Anirudh hanged.

Tupur slapped Chandrachur hard. Chandrachur raised his hand to slap her back but is stopped by Anirudh. Anirudh tells he already warned Chandrachur that if he raises his hand on any lady again he will bend it. Bonditta tells Chandrachur the judge is here and the driver is senior inspector.

Bonditta told this place looks like Dhaka but it is in Bengal only. Anirudh told you have been trapped in Barrister Bonditta’s plan. Flashback shows how Bonditta met the judge and planned to trap Chandrachur and make him confess all his crime when he feels safe in Dhaka. Government lawyer accepted his defeat and praises Bonditta and Anirudh. He told the reporter to print in front page that girls and boys and equally bear the weight of Barrister’s coat. Anirudh is declared innocent and Chandrachur is punished. Anirudh and Bonditta return home and everyone starts celebrating.

Some men came and told they have come to honor Barrister Babu. Trilochan is glad and called Anirudh. The men praised Bonditta and honored her. Trilochan thought why they are all praising Bonditta instead of Aniruddh,he might be feeling bad. Bonditta told she is glad that they are honoring her but they should honored Anirudh first as whatever she is today is because of him. Phone starts ringing and Bonditta asked Batuk when are you coming back to meet your Boudi? Batuk threw the phone and broke it. Some men freed Chandrachur from police and brought him to a room.

Chandrachur is shocked to see Trilochan in the room. Trilochan tells he freed Chandrachur because 10 years is not enough punishment for him. Trilochan tells because of Chandrachur his brother became mentally ill and he had to send Barhk away from him for so many years. Trilochan tells his men to beat Chandrachur till he begs for death.

Bonditta runs from Anirudh and he catches her playfully. Rishta Tera Mera plays in BM as Anirudh romances with Bonditta. Batuk is a duplicate copy of Anirudh. Batuk is partying in Italy and tells he loves his family. Batuk’s friend gifted him a picture of his family. Batuk got angry looking at Bonditta in the picture and removes her and tells he hates Bonditta.

Anirudh romanced with Bonditta and the kids run away from there telling they did not see anything. Anirudh applied colors on Bonditta’s face and thanked her for bringing color into his life. Bonditta thanked Anirudh for giving her wings. Chandrachur got thirsty and tried to drink water but the vessel fell down and breaks.

Anirudh prepared the stage for Bonditta’s speech. Chandrachur shouted why did they leave him alive,why didn’t they kill him? Anirudh heard his voice and rushes inside the room. Anirudh untied Chandrachur and asked him who is responsible for this condition? Chandrachur told Trilochan Kaka. Bonditta got on the stage to give her speech and waits for Aniruddh to begin.

Anirudh donated blood to Chandrachur. Chandrachur promises Anirudh to change a returned man after his punishment is over. Batuk returns to India and hugged Trilochan. Batuk touches his feet and tells now he is back and he will take all his love back with interest.

Batuk tells Trilochan he never forgot that the reason of his seperation from his family is Bonditta. Trilochan tells Batuk to forget the past and have a new start. Trilochan told Batuk looks exactly like his big brother Anirudh. Anirudh returned to the stage and apologises for Delay. Bonditta gave her speech for the widows and ask the public to support widow remarriage.

The villagers said men will decide how women will live and how they will die. The villagers dragged Kumud to river and are about to throw her in river but Bonditta stopped them and told Kumud to run and call Anirudh. The villagers threw Bonditta in river. Kumud told Anirudh to save Bonditta as she is drowning in river. Anirudh rushed to save Bonditta and jumped into river. Batuk overhead villagers talking that today the flow is very swift and Anirudh has jumped into river to save Bonditta.

Anirudh found a raft and makes Bonditta climb it. Anirudh tried to climb the raft but realizes it can’t bear weight of two people. Anirudh tells Bonditta to let him go and continue her fight. Batuk jumped into the river to save Anirudh. Batuk went to that room and finds Bonditta unconscious in the bed. Batuk told since childhood Anirudh kept trying to save her but he shouldn’t have. Batuk told Anirudh should have been alive in Bonditta’s place and she doesn’t deserve to live. Batuk picked up scissors to kill Bonditta. Doctor told him that Bonditta is pregnant but she is still not out of danger and they shouldn’t give her any kind of stress.

In the upcoming episode Batuk plans to act as Anirudh till Bonditta gives birth to Anirudh’s child and then throw her out. Bonditta gets emotional on watching Batuk disguised as Anirudh.

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