Barrister Babu: Who saved Chandrachur from police?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu is now going to start a new track as Barrister Bonditta has finally exposed Chandrachur and trapped him in her plan. Anirudh is proved innocent as Chandrachur unknowingly confessed all his crimes in front of the judge and police. Bonditta is praised by everyone for her bravery and cunningness. We are about to witness the return of Batuk and it is going to be a surprise for all of us and we will find the reason as we continue watching the latest episodes.

Some men came and told they have come to honor Barrister Babu. Trilochan is glad and called Anirudh. The men praised Bonditta and honored her. Trilochan thought why they are all praising Bonditta instead of Aniruddh,he might be feeling bad. Bonditta told she is glad that they are honoring her but they should honored Anirudh first as whatever she is today is because of him. Phone starts ringing and Bonditta asked Batuk when are you coming back to meet your Boudi? Batuk threw the phone and broke it. Some men freed Chandrachur from police and brought him to a room.

Chandrachur is shocked to see Trilochan in the room. Trilochan tells he freed Chandrachur because 10 years is not enough punishment for him. Trilochan tells because of Chandrachur his brother became mentally ill and he had to send Barhk away from him for so many years. Trilochan tells his men to beat Chandrachur till he begs for death.

Bonditta runs from Anirudh and he catches her playfully. Rishta Tera Mera plays in BM as Anirudh romances with Bonditta. Batuk is a duplicate copy of Anirudh. Batuk is partying in Italy and tells he loves his family. Batuk’s friend gifted him a picture of his family. Batuk got angry looking at Bonditta in the picture and removes her and tells he hates Bonditta.

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