Barrister Babu: Will Bondita confess the truth to Anirudh?

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Colors TV popular show Barrister Babu has always kept its audience gripped to their seat with its engaging yet progressive storyline. Earlier its seen that ,Chandrachur created misunderstanding between Anirudh and Bondita which resulted in Anirudh agreeing to marry Vaijayanthi. Now it will be seen that Chandrachur will identify Vaijayanthi as Bondita while Bondita will decide to confess the truth to Anirudh.

Previously we have seen that, Sampoorna and Trilochan pressured Anirudh to marry Vaijayanthi as Bondita would not return to him anymore. On the other hand, Tupur acted like lighting herself up and blamed Bondita for her suffering. She put up a condition to marry Chandrachur and have a child with him for compensation. Bondita denied marrying Chandrachur which infuriated him more. Chandrachur sent spies to attack Tulsipur sword fighter and one of the attacker would be a girl. The person deliberately dropped Bondita’s bracelet on floor which made her the suspect. Anirudh was confused and Trilochan would say that Bondita is their enemy now. Later, Anirudh gave his consent to marry Vaijayanthi out of his hatred for Krishna Nagar.

In the future episodes we will witness, Bondita will be heartbroken as Anirudh agreed to marry Vaijayanthi. Chandrachur will learn about Anirudh’s marriage with Vaijayanthi and will decide to kidnap her. He will miss seeing her face as everyone’s face will be colored. Bondita will have an internal conflict whether to accept the marriage with Anirudh or not. Anirudh on the other hand, will decide to reveal his true feelings for Bondita to Vaijayanthi. Chandrachur will spot the same red color on Bondita’s face just like it was in the crowd when he followed Vaijayanthi. He will also identify the same English book with Bondita which Vaijayanthi had and will understand that Bondita is Vaijayanthi and will plan a master stroke. In the meantime, Bondita will decide to reveal her true identity to Anirudh.

Will Bondita reveal the truth to Anirudh? What will be Chandrachur’s next move?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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