Barrister Babu: Will Bonditta agree to Chandrachur’s plan?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu finally has Bonditta fighting her first case as a Barrister to save her husband Anirudh who is the suspect for Chandrachur’s murder. Anirudh tried to save Tapur from Chandrachur’s evil intentions and killed him in the fight. Bonditta convinced Tapur to be brave and speak the truth in court.

Government lawyer is bent on proving girls are not worthy to stand and fight by the side of men. Will Bonditta win this case to save Anirudh and his views about equality.

Bonditta wore the dress Chandrachur told her to. Music started and Chandrachur danced with Bonditta and took her aside. Bonditta asked him what does he want and at what cost will he come out and free Anirudh because she doesn’t want to see his face. Chandrachur told Bonditta she will have to come to Dhaka with him if she wants him to come to court and save Anirudh. Bonditta accepted his offer and tells she will go with him to Dhaka but how can she trust he will appear in court?

Chandrachur told she has no other option and he wants Anirudh to suffer waiting for Bonditta. Chandrachur brought Bonditta to Dhaka. Bondita picked up a knife and tells she will kill herself and meet Anirudh after dying if she cannot meet him here. Chandrachur faked that Anirudh is here and takes the knife from Bonditta. Chandrachur told how he is in love with her since the day he saw her in childhood. He told her how he placed bombs in the gift Aniruddh sent and how he mixed poison in food. Chandrachur told how he hit Binoy and made him mad.

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