Barrister Babu: Will Bonditta find out Batuk’s truth?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu shows the return of Anirudh’s look alike brother Batuk. Bonditta is protesting for the rights of widow working for the latest case she took. Bonditta stands for out at the end of the for widths and tells her widows and their right for Kumud. Bonditta is about to meet an a tragedy because of her supporter’s in and to widows. Batuk’s hatred for Bonditta’s will grow up and to to even more when he looses his brother for her. How will Batuk take his revenge? Will Bonditta find out about Batuk’s plan?

Bonditta questioned Batuk when did he learn to play a mouth organ as he never could play before. Batuk told he learned to play mouth organ in prison from a fellow prisoner,he told this was his only companion in prison as Bonditta was not there. Batuk watched Tapur passing by and he questioned Bonditta if she is not happy with Tapur and Som’s marriage? Bonditta told she feels there is something. Batuk told Bonditta not to confuse him and say clearly if she wants Som and Tapur to marry? Bonditta says no,she is not happy from this marriage and is about to explain why but Batuk drops his mouth organ. Tapur left from there after hearing this. Batuk told Bonditta he couldn’t find his watch. Bonditta told she gave it to a Kabadiwala.

Batuk started shouting at Bonditta how could she do so without asking him. Bonditta started crying. Batuk found the kabadiwala and paid him a lot of money for the watch. Batuk told Trilochan this was Anirudh’s last gift to him. Trilochan told he understands the value of this watch but Bonditta doesn’t. Trilochan told Batuk if he keeps behaving like this Bonditta will start investigating and find out his truth and take away the kid with her. Batuk told he won’t let this happen at any cost he will whatever needs to be done to stop Bonditta from finding out about him. He told he will talk with love and take proper care of Bonditta.

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