Barrister Babu: Will Bonditta get Chandrachur punished ?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu finally has Bonditta fighting her first case as a Barrister to save her husband Anirudh who is the suspect for Chandrachur’s murder. Anirudh tried to save Tapur from Chandrachur’s evil intentions and killed him in the fight. Bonditta convinced Tapur to be brave and speak the truth in court. Government lawyer is bent on proving girls are not worthy to stand and fight by the side of men. Will Bonditta win this case to save Anirudh and his views about equality.

Aniruddh told Bonditta to take part in the Puja. Trilochan thought now his plan will be easy. Bonditta thought now she will be able to fulfil Aniruddh’s plan successfully. Bonditta sat down to do Puja. Tupur thought now Bonditta will remain busy so she can go outside. Bonditta recalled her and Aniruddh’s plan of fooling Tupur. Bonditta placed a fake matki in her place like she used to in childhood.

Tupur checked if someone is following and starts reading mantras. Aghori Baba came out and Tupur tells him not to worry today Bonditta will do Puja till sunrise so they can talk freely. Bonditta watched this from hiding and thinks who is this Aghori. A snake came near Bonditta and she got scared but she overcame her fear thinking about Anirudh. Bonditta threw the snake towards Tupur and Aghori Baba.

Tupur got scared and shouts be careful Chandrachur Babu. Bonditta realized Chandrachur is alive. Bonditta catches Chandrachur. Bonditta told Chandrachur his first crime was to put bad eyes on her,his second crime was with Tapur and his last crime was with humanity by faking his own death. Bonditta told now he will get punished for all his crimes and Aniruddh will be free.

In the upcoming episode Bonditta catches Trilochan and Thakur Maa freeing Aniruddh from jail as she is bringing Chandrachur to jail.

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