Barrister Babu: Will Bonditta stop Trilochan from taking Anirudh with him?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu finally has Bonditta fighting her first case as a Barrister to save her husband Anirudh who is the suspect for Chandrachur’s murder. Anirudh tried to save Tapur from Chandrachur’s evil intentions and killed him in the fight. Bonditta convinced Tapur to be brave and speak the truth in court. Government lawyer is bent on proving girls are not worthy to stand and fight by the side of men. Will Bonditta win this case to save Anirudh and his views about equality.

Bonditta tied Chandrachur in the jeep. Police gave Anirudh malpua saying it is Durga Maa’s prasad. Anirudh fainted after eating it and the police unlocked his handcuffs. A small girl dressed as Durga comes in front of Bonditta’s car and she took blessings from her. Bonditta watched Trilochan and Thakur Maa taking Anirudh in their jeep. Bonditta tied Chandrachur and tried to stop Trilochan.
Thakur Maa told Trilochan he did not do anything wrong. Bonditta catches Trilochan and tells him there is no need to do this now as she has a found a new evidence. Bonditta told Chandrachur is alive and he is tied in her jeep. Bonditta brought Trilochan and Thakur Maa to her jeep but Chandrachur has already escaped. Trilochan thinks Bonditta is lying and continued to take Anirudh to Italy.

Chandrachur tells Bonditta only he can save Anirudh and if she wants that she has to meet him in Calcutta Club. Chandrachur threatens Bonditta if she tries to call police he will get Anirudh killed as his men are all around keeping eyes on him. Police cames and takes Aniruddh with them. Bonditta hugs Anirudh beore leaving as rishta tera mera plays in BM. Bonditta comes to the club and got a message from the waiter. Chandrachur told Bonditta to wear the dress in red box and wait for him.

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