Barrister Babu: Will Mailka reveal Batuk’s truth?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu shows the return of Anirudh’s look alike brother Batuk. Batuk’s hatred for Bonditta’s will grow up and to to even more when he looses his brother for her. Batuk planned to act like Anirudh till Bonditta gives birth to her child. Bonditta has started to grow suspicious of the Batuk’s strange behavior. Batuk plans to separate Bonditta from her sisters because he got separated from his brothers. Batuk’s girlfriend is about to return to India. Will Bonditta find out Batuk’s truth? How will Batuk take his revenge? Will Bonditta find out about Batuk’s plan?

Batuk tells he is Anirudh and introduces Bonditta as his wife. Bonditta told Malika is Batuk’s friend so we should welcome her here and takes Malika with her. Trilochan scolds Batuk and tells him to solve this problem soon or Bonditta will find the truth or it will be harmful for both child and mother.

Bonditta asked Malika since when does she know Batuk? Malika told she knows him since three years and she has trapped Batuk in her love. Malika asked Batuk what play was going on downstairs? Batuk told her the entire story of Anirudh dying and Bonditta being pregnant so he is doing this for the child. Batuk told Malika to go back to Delhi. Malika told if you send me out I will bring out your truth in front of Bonditta. Batuk told Malika he trusts and loves her and he will let her stay here if she keeps the truth to herself.

Bonditta told Malika only she can help her bring Batuk back. Malika told Batuk is here only. Bonditta got surprised and Batuk is scared that Malika will spill his secret. Malika told Batuk is here only in my heart. Bonditta noticed Malika’s locket and tells this is a picture locket so can I look at Batuk’s photo of how he looks? Bonditta looked at Malika’s locket.

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