Barrister Babu: Will Malika and Batuk get caught?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu shows the return of Anirudh’s look alike brother Batuk. Batuk’s hatred for Bonditta’s will grow up and to to even more when he looses his brother for her. Batuk planned to act like Anirudh till Bonditta gives birth to her child. Bonditta has started to grow suspicious of the Batuk’s strange behavior. Batuk plans to separate Bonditta from her sisters because he got separated from his brothers. Batuk’s girlfriend is about to return to India. Will Bonditta find out Batuk’s truth? How will Batuk take his revenge? Will Bonditta find out about Batuk’s plan?

Bonditta opened Malika’s locket. Bonditta said there is only one picture here. Malika said you know Batuk’s anger,we had a fight so he threw it. Batuk noticed the picture lying on ground and hides it. Batuk told Bonditta let us go from here now. Malika told she has some from Anirudh and asks Bonditta if she can steal her husband for some time? Malika told Batuk to come in her room at 11 or else she will come to Bonditta’s room.

Batuk and Malika enter the shower and romanced there. Bonditta woke up from her sleep and starts looking for Anirudh. Bonditta heard water dripping from bathroom and thinks maybe someone forgot to turn off the tap. Batuk came out of the bathroom wet and gets shocked to find Bonditta there. Malika comes out of from the bathroom and Bonditta look surprised at them. Malika says the tap was leaking and she found Anirudh there so she called him for help.

Bonditta told let us call Batuk back so that we can begin Batuk and Malika’s marriage preparation. Bonditta tells out kid will get his uncle and aunt. Batuk told Bonditta to sleep now it’s very late and we will talk about it later. Bonditta called telephone exchange and thanked them for giving her the list of calls and recording of calls. Bonditta thought now she will find out who was rejecting the cases on phone.

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