Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 12th February 2024 Written Update: Baani’s revelation shocks Neeta

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 12th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeta learning through Jakruti from a phone call about Aradhana’s death, so she informs it to both Akash and Varun. Akash lashes out at Neeta for getting involved in all this. Neeta blames Aradhana. Akash scolds her. Neeta receives a call from her boss, which she puts it in a speaker under Akash’s instructions. She questions her boss for killing Aradhana. Her boss insults her. She then asks Neeta to look at the news. The Khurana’s family gets shocked seeing the news in which the reporter states that the drug scam case’s main culprit is going to get arrested in a few minutes. They all get worried as they might get caught.


In the office, Vikram and Kadambari plead with Reyansh to open the door. Just then, the inspector and his team arrive. The inspector informs Vikram and others that it’s Reyansh, who is the main culprit of Reyansh, which shocks everyone. Kadambari and Vikram try to defend Reyansh, but the inspector refuses to listen to them. He makes Reyansh open his cabin. Reyansh tells the inspector it’s him who is the mastermind behind the drug scam case, and then he leaves with the inspector. Vikram tries to make Reyansh not to take such an impulsive decision, but Reyansh refuses to listen to him.

In Sahni’s house, Neeta expresses her happiness of learning Reyansh’s arrest. She also shares her happiness with Akash about Aradhana’s death. Akash asks Neeta not to make fun of a death person, but Neeta refuses to listen to him. Meanwhile, Pooja and Jakruti engage Bhakti in a conversation by talking about the holi celebration in their society and the weather condition. Bhakti sees the death news of Aradhana in a newspaper kept in her room, so she faces trouble in breathing. Pooja and Jakruti get shocked and worried about seeing Bhakti’s state, so they try to calm her down by giving her a medicine.

Here, Neeta orders Akash to help her enact about a situation in which she is going to inform Bhakti about Aradhana’s death. She laughs, enacting the situation with Akash. Baani arrives there. She records the video of Neeta. Neeta and Akash get shocked. Baani taunts Neeta. Neeta gets furious, so she demands Baani to delete the recording, but Baani refuses. She also ends up telling Neeta that she played with her to learn whether Aradhana has feelings for Reyansh or she wants to stay with Jai. Both Neeta and Akash get shocked.

Inside the room, Jakruti and Pooja wonder the reason behind Bhakti’s panick attack. Pooja gets shocked seeing the newspaper in which Aradhana’s death news is printed. Jakruti realises it’s Neeta’s doings, so she vents out her frustration with Pooja. Pooja tries to calm her down. She then receives a call from Vikram and learns about Neeta and Akash’s involvement in the drug case scam, which she shares it with Jakruti. They both get shocked. Meanwhile, Neeta and Baani get into a heated argument. Baani snatches Neeta’s phone, so the latter tries to harm her, but Pooja and Jakruti arrive there, and they question Neeta’s action. Neeta warns then. Jakruti gets furious, so she threatens Neeta to send her prison for her involvement in drug scam case shocking Neeta and Akash.

Precap: Vikram informs Neeta and Akash’s involvement in the drug scam case to the inspector, but the latter suspects Kadambari, which angers Vikram. Neeta learns through Viren that Aradhana is still alive.

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