Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 13th November 2023 Written Update: Kriti manipulates Reyansh

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 13th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with a voice over saying the suffering Kannah’s family went through one month after Kimaya’s death. Viren is shown hospitalized. Malini cries, hallucinating Kimaya. Aaradhana comforts her. Bhakti sees Jai comforting Aaradhana.


Bhakti asks Aaradhana about Reyansh’s whereabouts. Aaradhana says that it’s better that Reyansh doesn’t show his face to the Kannah’s whom he destroyed. She wishes Viren a fast recovery. Bhakti asks Aaradhana to think about herself too. She says that she’s proud of Aaradhana who supports the Kannahs. She asks Aaradhana to return with her to their home. Aaradhana sees the Kannahs family who are having a meal together and says that the Kannahs need her. Bhakti says that time has started to heal their pain.

Bhakti says that Malini didn’t accept Aaradhana as her daughter, so she didn’t tell her family the truth. She further says that Viren also isn’t in the condition to accept Aaradhana after Kimaya’s death. However, Aaradhana refuses to leave the Kannahs. Bhakti asks Aaradhana to either have a place in Kannah’s house or else to return with her. Aaradhana says that she lost herself by trying to find her biological mom. Bhakti tries to convince Aaradhana to go with her. But Aaradhana refuses. Kriti glares at Aaradhana and Bhakti and wonders why they’re not leaving this house yet. She thinks of doing something. She excuses herself by making an excuse.

Kriti angrily drives the car. She blames Aaradhana for snatching all happiness from her and vows to destroy her. Elsewhere, Reyansh is shown getting beaten by a boxer in a boxing ring. Reyansh remembers a FB. Kriti lies to Reyansh that Jai misunderstood that he was going to get engaged to Aaradhana in the beginning. She cleared his confusion got yet he wanted Aaradhana and asked her to fake their engagement till Reyansh got out of Aaradhana’s life. Kriti also lies that she told this truth to Kimaya before her death and Jai also gets there. She also blames Aaradhana for being involved in this.

However, Reyansh refuses to believe his friends, Jai and Aaradhana could do this. But Kriti tries to manipulate Reyansh against Jai and Aaradhana. She shows Jai the legal house papers that Jai brought the house to Aaradhana and his name. She blames Aaradhana and Jai for betraying Reyansh and for killing Kimaya. However, Reyansh refuses to believe that Aaradhana can love anyone else than him, but he gets convinced Jai betrayed him and vows not to spare him. The FB ends.

Reyansh remembers Aaradhana’s hateful words to him and lets the boxer punch him. Kriti arrives there. On the other hand, Viren asks Jai to handle the business as he can’t handle it anymore. Jai says to Aaradhana that they should handle the business as Viren isn’t in the condition to go to the office. Here, Kriti says to Reyansh that Jai is responsible for Kimaya’s death and tries to manipulate Reyansh that Aaradhana loves Jai. But Reyansh refuses to believe Aradhana can love someone else than him. Kriti shows Reyansh the video of Jai confessing his love for Aaradhana. Reyansh still says that Aaradhana is only hers.

Kriti says that Aaradhana and Jai go office together and laugh together. She asks Reyansh to return office and gets back Aaradhana from him before Jai defeats him. Reyansh gets up determined and says that it’s not easy to defeat Reyansh Lamba. He punches the boxer and wins the round. Kriti smirks.

Bina wakes Aaradhana who has fallen asleep. Aaradhana tells about Bhakti went back to her mom for a while. Bina asks how long she can reject Bhakti’s love for Malini’s love. Aaradhana says that she’s lucky to get the love three moms, but Malini needs her now, so she can’t leave her. In the night, Aaradhana is astonished to see Reyansh who sneaked into her room. Reyansh tells Aaradhana that Jai is responsible for Kimaya’s death and says that Kriti told him this. He asks Aaradhana to go with him and to get married with him. He expresses his unconditional love for her. Aaradhana refuses.

The episode ends.

Precap: Reyansh asks Bina where Aaradhana is. Reyansh fumes in a rage, seeing Aaradhana and Jai sharing a hug.

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