Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 16th November 2023 Written Update: Reyansh gets Jai arrested

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 16th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aaradhana saying to Jai that Jai won’t get punished for loving her, so she wants to break up her friendship with him. She says that she doesn’t want Jai to suffer like her and Reyansh. She says that she will return to Delhi after completing work here.


A police team arrive at the office to arrest Jai for cheating his business partners. Kriti and Reyansh taunt Jai, saying that they don’t know what Jai did behind their backs. A FB shows. Jai gives some signed blank papers to Reyansh, saying that he trusts him. Jai agrees to go with the police. Kriti and Reyansh mock Jai before Jai walks with the police team.

Aaradhana and Vikram see this. A FB shows. Vikram learns that Reyansh is going to frame Jai in a false case and requests Aaradhana to save Jai from Reyansh’s madness. The FB ends. Aaradhana asks Reyansh how much he can stoop lower. Reyansh says that everything is far from love and war. Kriti fires Aaradhana for supporting Jai. Aaradhana says fine and leaves. Reyansh says to Kriti that it’s not in their deal. Kriti says that Reyansh can do what he wants, but not in front of him. She says that she doesn’t want Aaradhana in this office.

Bina scolds Kadambari when the latter is about to sit on the chair of her late husband. Bina taunts Kadambari and tells her that this chair is the last memory of her late husband. She goes to get coffee for Kadambari. Kadambari messages VK asking where he is. Bina gives coffee to Kadambari. Bina says to Kadambari that Reyansh is toxic because of her.

Kadambari worries about Aaradhana and wishes to handle Reyansh and convince VK. Bina laughs and says that it’s too late. She says Viren paid off his love for her with his daughter’s death, while Vivek, with his son’s destruction and Aaradhana’s life, got ruined. Just then, Aaradhana arrives there and says that she wants her help to complete work before leaving the city. Kadambari says that Aaradhana shouldn’t leave the city since Reyansh will find her somehow. She says that Reyansh only knows how to burn in love.

Aaradhana says that Reyansh can never understand love and blames Kadambari for that. Aaradhana says that she needs a celebrity’s help and says that Kadambari can do this much for her. On the other hand, Reyansh meets Jai in the police station. Reyansh says that Jai saved him once he got arrested. Jai says that he never thought that Reyansh would frame him one day. Reyansh says that he also didn’t think that Jai would snatch Aaradhana from him.

Jai denies it and admits that it’s a mistake as he can’t control his feelings. Reyansh blames Jai for Aaradhana hurting him. He challenges Jai that no one will save him. Just then, Aaradhana arrives there. Aaradhana apologizes to Jai and says that she can’t become like Reyansh who doesn’t understand the feelings, the respect, so she will bail him out.

Aaradhana asks Reyansh why he isn’t going away happy as he got what he wanted. Reyansh says not yet. Aaradhana says that Reyansh can do what he wants as she doesn’t care anymore. She leaves with Jai. Reyansh fumes in a rage. Aaradhana says to Jai that she learned about Reyansh’s plan from Vikram. Jai thanks Aaradhana. The latter says to Jai that she is returning to Delhi as Reyansh will keep troubling Jai till she’s there. Jai wants to go with Aaradhana, but the latter refuses.

Viren sees the photos in the album and remembers Reyansh and Aaradhana close moments, Reyansh words. He gets angry thinking that Aaradhana whom he loved like her daughter betrayed him. Malini finds Aaradhana fuming and asks him what happened. Viren says to Malini to throw Aaradhana out of the house since Aaradhana is also responsible for Kimaya’s death which shocks Malini. The latter defends Aaradhana and reminds Viren that Aaradhana handled them after Kimaya’s death.

Just then, Aaradhana arrives. Viren gets mad at Aaradhana and blames Aaradhana. Malini tries to defend Aaradhana. Viren asks why Malini is suddenly taking her side. He firmly asks Malini to kick Aaradhana out of the house. Aaradhana says that she will leave, but she never wanted bad for them. Aaradhana breaks down. Malini consoles Aaradhana by saying that she is a part of their family. Viren denies and says that Aaradhana is a storm who ruined their family.

Malini reminds Viren that Reyansh is the fruit of Viren’s past and blames him. Just then, Reyansh arrives and blames himself for whatever happened. Aaradhana asks Reyansh why he has come. Reyansh says that he has come for her.

The episode ends.

Precap: Bhakti says to Aaradhana that Aaradhana is now at her parents’ house and she won’t let even Reyansh’s evil shadow fall on her. Reyansh prints wedding invitation with Reyansh-Aaradhana names. Aaradhana asks Reyansh why he has come. Reyansh asks Aaradhana to go with him leaving her anger as there is no other groom for her in this world since he is alive.

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