Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 17th November 2023 Written Update: Reyansh reveals Aradhana-Malini’s truth to Viren

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 17th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aradhana asking Reyansh for entering the house. Reyansh says he came for her. Viren shouts at them to stop their drama. He then accuses them both for Kimaya’s death and also questions Aradhana for not alerting him about Reyansh was not in love with Kimaya. He also insults her and calls her a liar. Reyansh gets furious and reveals the truth about Aradhana and Malini’s truth to Viren despite Aradhana’s attempt to shock him. Viren gets shocked while Malini looks scared. Reyansh says to Viren that Aradhana sacrificed her love for her mother, but Malini isn’t even willing to admit the truth. He further taunts Malini and persuades her to tell the truth to Viren. Viren demands the truth from Malini. Malini admits Aradhana is her daughter, which shocks and angers Viren. Viren goes inside. Aradhana apologises to Malini for whatever happened and tells that she came to inform her that she is returning to Delhi. Even Harsh forgets everything and is ready to accept her. Malini pleads with Aradhana not to leave, but Aradhana refuses to give into her request and also asks her to take care of herself and then leaves.


Reyansh goes to Aradhana, and the latter blames him for all her sufferings. Reyansh says to her that Aradhana’s love is making him do all of this. Aradhana says her love for him died and also breaks all ties with him, but Reyansh remains stubborn in his decision to be with Aradhana. Aradhana leaves.

There, Kiki goes to the police station to bail out Jai but learns through the officer that Aradhana bailed him out, which angers Kiki. Later, Kiki questions Jai and other men’s obsession for Aradhana. Jai taunts her, saying if she came to know now, Kimaya would be alive. He also tells Kiki that Aradhana is returning to Delhi so she can’t hurt her anymore than leaves. Kiki decides to do something to Aradhana and calls someone.

Aradhana leaves for Delhi. Reyansh sees her leaving and decides to do something. Aradhana recalls her memories with the Khanna’s and gets emotional. Later, Aradhana returns to Delhi to her adoptive parent’s house. Harsh and Aradhana get emotional meeting each other. They reconcile their relationship. Bhakti and Jakruti also join them.

Aradhana gets happy seeing her room look the same since she left. She then hears the dhol being played, so she comes out wondering whose marriage is going to take place. She also inquires about Bhakti, but the latter also says she doesn’t know. Harsh also remains clueless. He then decides to go out to buy Aradhana’s favorite food. Meanwhile, Reyansh distributes sweets and wedding cards to society people.

Puja comes to meet Aradhana and takes Reyansh’s name. Bhakti promises not to let Reyansh’s shadow fall on Aradhana. There, Harsh gets shocked seeing the wedding card of Reyansh and Aradhana, so he returns home and shows it to Bhakti, and others also question Aradhana. Bhakti takes a stand for Aradhana and also decides not to let Aradhana marry Reyansh as Reyansh is a toxic person. Aradhana decides to stop Reyansh’s madness, so she goes down and questions him. Reyansh defends his actions, but Aradhana expresses her hatred towards him.

Precap: Harsh pleads with Vivek to stop Reyansh and Aradhana’s marriage. Aradhana gets shocked hearing Bhakti’s phone conversation with someone to find a groom for her. Later, Aradhana and Reyansh get into an accident.

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