Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 21st November 2023 Written Update: Bhakti’s request shocks Jai

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 21st November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aradhana asking Jakruti for bringing her to a dress shop. Jakruti pleads her not to scold her. Aradhana stares at Jakruti. Just then, Reyansh arrives there and asks Aradhana not to scold Jakruti. He also suggests their reception look to Aradhana and brings up Jai’s name. Aradhana mocks Reyansh to marry Jai. She then scolds Jakruti for lying to her and asks Reyansh how he manipulated her sister Jakruti. A FB shows in which Reyansh convincing Jakruti to support his plan and Jakruti agreeing to it for the same. The FB ends. Aradhana expresses her disappointment towards Jakruti. She then tries to leave the place with Jakruti, but Reyansh troubles her. They both get into an argument. Reyansh agrees to give whatever Aradhana wishes from him. Aradhana asks Reyansh to marry himself and then decides to leave, but the power goes off, so Reyansh says even the universe doesn’t want them to be separated, so it’s all happening Aradhana recalls the past, so she decides to leave.


There, Harsh pleads with Vivek to stop Reyansh as they won’t allow Reyansh to marry Aradhana. Vivek expresses his disappointment about his upbringing. Also, both him and Kadambari state that they brought Shagun for Aradhana, considering her as their daughter, not as their daughter in law so requests them to accept it. They also apologise to both Harsh and Bhakti for their inability to stop Reyansh and then leave. Bhakti looks on.

Meanwhile, Reyansh, by mistake, hugs Jakruti and the latter screams. Aradhana arrives there and scolds both Reyansh and Jakruti, then leaves with Jakruti. Reyansh gets upset. Bhakti calls Seema and urges her to find a groom for Aradhana, who returned Delhi. Aradhana arrives there and gets shocked hearing Bhakti’s phone conversation. So she questions Bhakti about it. She also confesses she loves Reyansh and also expresses her inability to love anyone else other than Reyansh. Also, she can’t marry Reyansh because Reyansh doesn’t deserves it. Harsh tries to speak, but Bhakti sends him and Jakruti inside to talk to Aradhana alone.

There, Jai is in a video conference with his team. Someone approaches him from behind. Jai tries to attack that person but gets surprised learning it’s his younger brother Varun Khuranna. He questions him for his sudden return. Varun explains the reason behind his return. He then questions Jai for calling off his engagement with Kiki. He also inquires about Aradhana, whom he has fallen in love with. Jai smiles and recalls meeting Aradhana, also falling in love with her. He then asks Varun to get ready for dinner.

Here, Bhakti reminds Aradhana about the suffering she has endured loving Reyansh and advises Aradhana to marry a guy so that Reyansh will spare her. Aradhana cries hard but gives into Bhakti’s request. Later, Jai receives a call from someone and goes out to meet that person. It turns out to be Bhakti. Bhakti requests Jai to marry Aradhana. She praises him by comparing them with Reyansh. Varun hears their conversation and gets surprised learning both Reyansh and Jai’s interest in Aradhana. Jai rejects Bhakti’s proposal, but Bhakti leaves in the hope that Jai will marry Aradhana.

Kiki calls Varun, and the latter informs her about Bhakti’s proposal, then cuts the call, realising the blunder he made. Kiki decides not to spare Aradhana. Later, in the office, Varun meets Aradhana in front of Jai. Aradhana gets confused by Varun’s behavior.

Precap: Jai and Aradhana plans to go to Singapore. Kiki misleads Reyansh, so the latter tears off Jai’s passport, shocking Jai and Aradhana.

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