Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 26th January 2024 Written Update: Jaiand Aradhana get into a heated argument

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 26th January 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jai telling Aradhana that the latter can’t give divorce to him because their marriage is fake. Aradhana gets shocked. She questions him for lying to her about their marriage. Jai says to Aradhana it’s better that they should end this lie. He also accuses her of finding every chance to be with Reyansh by repeatedly lying to him. Aradhana gets taken aback by Jai’s allegations. She questions him, and she also expresses her disappointment towards him. She also demands an answer from Jai for keeping her in the dark about their marriage. Jai shouts at Aradhana by calling her as bad luck in his life. He also blames her for whatever he lost in his life. He then compares her with Baani, claiming Baani always helping him. He also firmly tells that they should go seperate ways. Jai then leaves the place.

Neeta and Varun, who is sitting outside Jai-Aradhana’s room, hear everything. They both get happy learning Jai, and Aradhana’s marriage is fake. Varun wonders whether truly Jai has fallen for Baani or if he has some other intentions, so he is doing all this. He then asks money from Neeta to go to the party, but Neeta refuses. She also advises him to find out what’s in Jai’s mind. Varun gets upset.

There, Vikram and Pooja get into an argument while discussing how to reunite Reyansh and Aradhana. Pooja receives a message from Aradhana, who informs her that Jai-Aradhana’s marriage is fake. Pooja gets shocked. Aradhana refuses to speak with Pooja, saying that she needs some time. Pooja informs Vikram that Jai-Aradhana’s marriage is fake. Vikram decides to inform Reyansh about this information so that Reyansh can do something to get back to Aradhana. Pooja stops Vikram from informing Jai-Aradhana’s marriage truth to Reyansh as she feels Reyansh creates more problems for Aradhana out of happiness.

Jakruti meets Varun. She demands Varun about his conversation about Jai and Aradhana with Neeta. Varun demands money from her. Jakruti feels disgusted by his behaviour, but she agrees to give him money. Varun informs Jakruti about Jai and Aradhana’s marriage truth. Jakruti gets shocked. She then goes to meet Pooja to share this news. Vikram convinces both Pooja and Jakruti the importance of them informing Reyansh about Jai-Aradhana’s marriage truth. Jakruti decides to help Aradhana reunite with Reyansh, so she tells me tomorrow is her birthday, so they should help Reyansh get back Aradhana. Vikram and Pooja agree. Vikram sends a voice note about Jai-Aradhana’s marriage truth. Jakruti returns to her house. She tells a sleeping Aradhana that she will get all the happiness in her life, which she lost it in recent days.

The next day, Reyansh looks happy, and he dances in front of Vikram. Vikram advises him to practice how to propose to Aradhana. Reyansh practices in front of Vikram. They both then have an alcohol. Meanwhile, Neeta lashes out at Akash for his constant questions towards her. She speaks with someone on the call. A girl arrives there. Varun tries to flirt with her but fails. Neeta introduces her as Bianca to Akash and Varun. She also tells Bianca that she is going to help her.

Precap: Neeta shares her plan to kill Bhakti using Bianca. Meanwhile, Aradhana breaks down in front of Reyansh, saying both Jai and Reyansh fooled her.

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