Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 2nd February 2024 Written Update: Bianca misleads Aradhana about Reyansh

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 2nd February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeta mocking an unconscious Bhakti and laughs. She gets shocked when Bhakti holds her hand. She asks Bhakti to leave her hand. Bhakti opens her eyes. Neeta feels helpless. She then notices an injection, so she decides to use it on Bhakti. With so many difficulties, she takes the injection to inject Bhakti, but Bianca does it on time, which leads Bhakti to go back to her coma state again. Bianca says to Neeta that she has saved the latter. Neeta slaps Bianca for failing to follow her instructions. She also lashes out at Bianca, and then she warns her about the consequences if she fails to follow the instructions. She then instructs Bianca to double the dose of Bhakti’s medicine, and then she leaves the place. Bianca resumes her work to inject another dose on Bhakti, but someone taps on her shoulder. Bianca thinks it’s Varun, so she asks him to stop disturbing her. She then gets shocked seeing Aradhana is behind her, so she tries to hide the medicine, but she fails. Aradhana questions Bianca for giving the wrong medicine to Bhakti. Bianca gets nervous.


In the office, Reyansh is with his employees in a meeting. He talks about the drug case scam. He then instructs his employees to keep an eye on Jai, who was a business tycoon once but lost everything after he made the mistake of spreading fake news. He further shares with his employees about Jai’s personal life failure, so he tells Jai that he has every intention to be involved in this scam.

In Sahni’s house, Aradhana drags Bianca to the living area of the house. She demands Bianca to confess who gave instructions to her to give the wrong medicine to Bhakti. Neeta and Varun arrive there. They both get shocked and tensed learning that Bianca get caught by Aradhana. Neeta intervenes Aradhana’s interrogation towards Bianca by slapping Bianca. She further stops Bianca from exposing her name to Aradhana by lashing out at her. She then tries to throw Bianca out of the house, but Aradhana stops her. Aradhana threatens Bianca about the consequences of her act if she fails to tell who is behind all this. Neeta and Varun get worried. Bianca tells Aradhana she has done all this under Reyansh’s instructions, and then she leaves the place. Neeta gets relieved while Aradhana looks shocked. Neeta taunts Aradhana for Reyansh’s involvement in Bhakti’s accident. Aradhana leaves the place. Varun informs to Neeta it’s him who instructed Bianca to say Reyansh’s name. Neeta gets happy.

There, Reyansh tells his employees about Baani’s support towards Jai, so he suggests them to keep an eye on her too to catch them both red-handed. He also warns his employees not to leak this information and then dispose of the meeting. Aradhana arrives at the office. She hears the employee’s conversation with one another about Reyansh’s order to them. She wonders what happened to him, and then she goes to meet him.

Reyansh questions Aradhana for meeting him at his cabin. Aradhana tells him that she needs some answers from him. Reyansh mocks her for always blaming for every wrong thing that’s happening in her life. Aradhana proposes Reyansh to marry her, which shocks Reyansh. Reyansh questions her the real reason behind her proposal, but Aradhana informs him that she understood that they both are meant to be with each other. Reyansh happily agrees to marry her. He then hugs Aradhana. Aradhana gets shocked to see something ahead of her.

Precap: Jakruti informs the Khurana’s about Reyansh-Aradhana’s marriage, which shocks Neeta. Neeta worries about getting caught. Reyansh receives a threatening call to stop his investigation into the drug case.

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