Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka: Reyansh to expose the real killer of Kimaya!

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Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka is gearing up for more drama with Kimaya dying.


In the previous episode it was seen that Vivek learned about Reyansh’s thirst for revenge. He blamed himself for Reyansh actions and held himself for Aaradhana and Kimaya’s lives getting ruined by Reyansh. So, to punish himself, Vivek jumped into the river to kill himself. Thankfully, Aaradhana rescued Vivek. Reyansh realised his mistake. Reyansh returned home and went to talk to Kimaya despite Malini and Viren trying to stop him. Reyansh told Kimaya the truth and refused to a marry him.

To his shock, Kimaya expressed her love for Reyansh before passing away in his arms. Aaradhana blamed Reyansh for Kimaya’s death. Reyansh also accused himself of killing Kimaya and surrended to the police station. Reyansh was shocked to learn from Kimaya’s postmortem report that Kimaya committed suicide. She had consumed sleeping pills even before he told her the truth.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that the Kannah’s and Aaradhana will be gathered to perform the final rites of Kimaya. Reyansh will arrive there. Aaradhana will get mad at seeing Reyansh there. She will blame Reyansh and will lash out at him.

Aaradhana will ask Reyansh to leave. Reyansh will refuse to leave since he wanted to expose the person who is really responsible to Kimaya’s death to Aaradhana. Reyansh will go to Kriti.

What will happen next? Is Kriti responsible for Kimaya’s suicide? Will Aaradhana and Kannahs believe Reyansh?

To find out the answers to the above questions, keep watching the show and stay tuned to this space for the exclusive update about your favorite Hindi shows.