Bawara Dil 12th May 2021 Written Update: Shiva makes food in Siddhi’s house

Bawara Dil 12th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Siddhi getting shocked that Shiva agreed to go for lunch. Shiva says we are married, they are my in-laws. Who are you to tell lie about me to my father in law? Siddhi says they are my parents. I can tell them what I want. I said right, you never stay home, I see you busy all the time. Shiva says that’s my matter. You don’t have right to tell anything about me. Siddhi says you forgot that I am your wife and I know only one call can cancel your every plan. Shiva gets Agga Bai’s call and he says he is coming. Siddhi taunts him saying now you don’t want to go for lunch in your in laws house? Shiva says I’ll go. I never break my promise. Siddhi imitates him and says my foot.

Shiva reaches Siddhi’s house and touches Malini’s foot. He says I promised Ishvar so I came. He says mockingly there’s food left for me or not? Malini laughs saying of course. Shiva brings rasgulla for Malini as well. Ishvar asks Shiva where is Siddhi? Shiva says she will come. Malini and Ishvar welcome Shiva. Malini takes Ishvar aside and says Siddhi told me Shiva won’t come. So I didn’t make anything. Malini sees the gifts, she says it looks bad if we don’t greet our son in law properly that too when he brought gifts for us. Malini says only Varan Bhaat I made. That we can’t serve him.

Shiva listens to them and says he heard a lot about Malini’s Varan Bhat. So he would love to eat it. Shiva says he will make another dish. Malini says we can’t let you cook. Actually Siddhi told me you won’t come so I didn’t make anything. Shiva says it’s fine. Malini informs Siddhi that Shiva has already come. Siddhi gets irked and thinks she told him not to visit her house but still he went there. Shiva goes to kitchen and searches the food ingredients. Malini says she will prepare the dish, Shiva doesn’t need to do anything.

Shiva tells her noone stops me from doing anything in Rudrait. You know it right? Shiva moves towards Malini and Malini gets scared. She sits on couch. Shiva apologises saying you didn’t let me do anything so I had to scare you. Malini tells Ishvar to help Shiva. Ishvar says he will manage, if you want you can go. Ishvar teases Malini saying you are scared of Shiva. Malini says it doesn’t look good. Shiva cooks the dish. Siddhi is seen coming to her home. Shiva garnishes the dish well. He makes two side dishes as well. Malini and Ishvar get surprised. Malini says you have made everything atleast allow me to serve the dishes.

Siddhi reaches home. She tells Shiva I told you not to come but still you came. Ishvar and Malini join them. Malini serves food but Shiva says you will eat with us. Shiva himself serves food to everyone. Shiva doesn’t serve food to Siddhi. Siddhi gets annoyed. Malini and Ishvar praises Shiva’s cooking. Siddhi eats the food and says the taste is really good. Malini says its made by Shiva. Siddhi gets surprised and eats another dish thinking its made by Malini. Malini reveals Shiva made all these and she didn’t know they are coming. Siddhi notices Shiva. Shiva drinks water and notices Siddhi is having his cooked food. Siddhi thinks Shiva even knows how to cook!

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