Bawara Dil 15th April 2021 Written Update: Jaanvi requests Shiva to meet her

Bawara Dil 15th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Jaanvi calling Shiva. Jaanvi goes to him and says she left her bag in his jeep. Shiva returns it to her. Jaanvi asks she didn’t ask him how is he? She met him after so long. Shiva says he is good. Jaanvi asks if he is still angry with her. Shiva says its not right time to talk about that. Jaanvi says her timing has always been wrong Shiva knows it. Jaanvi asks who is Siddhi? Shiva shows his ring and says Siddhi is his wife. Jaanvi gets shocked. Shiva tells Siddhi is missing. He doesnt know where Siddhi is? Jaanvi before leaving asks Shiva will he meet her as she will stay in Rudrait for some days. Jaanvi requests Shiva holding his hands.

Shiva feels awkward. Ishvar and Yashwant get shocked seeing them holding each other’s hands. Jaanvi says she came back to take her bag. She then leaves. Shiva tells Yashwant he will call in the hotel. He turns on the mobile speaker. Shiva gets to know that Siddhi was not found in her room but blood stain were found in room’s washroom. Shiva says he has no idea how it all happened. He will find out who is behind this. Yashwant scolds Shiva saying how can he trust Shiva when he left Siddhi alone in the hotel room. Ishvar also gets mad at Shiva and he asks tell me where is my daughter? Shiva assures him that he will go to Puna and will find her.

Mangal celebrates with Vilas as Siddhi finally went missing. She says now we finally got rid off Siddhi. Mangal says she will order ice cream. Shoni taunts Mangal saying how can she even think of celebrating at this moment when Shiva is finding Siddhi, everyone is worried for her. Mangal says she doesn’t care about Siddhi. Siddhi cant make her stupid though Yashwant and Shoni came under Siddhi’s influence. Shoni rebukes Mangal for not taking the situation seriously. Mangal gets angry and tells she will slap Shoni if she talks to her mother rudely. Shoni gets upset and Mangal tells her that Siddhi is acting only, she eloped with Gaurav and misleading others. Taking admission, going to Puna all were part of her planning. Mangal says now she will find another girl for Shiva. Shoni loses her calm and shouts at Mangal saying think before you speak.

Shoni asks Shiva did he find Siddhi? Shiva remains silent. Ishvar comes to home. Malini asks him about Siddhi. Ishvar says nobody knows where Siddhi is? Malini says they went to Puna then where did Siddhi go? Ishvar explains everything what happened. Malini tells Ishvar he shouldn’t have trusted Shiva. She says angrily if something happens to Siddhi she will burn Shiva’s whole house.

Shoni cries badly. Shiva hugs her. Shoni tells him Siddhi should come back soon. Shiva consoles her. Shoni says to Shiva that he should talk to Agga Bai regarding Siddhi. Shiva says nothing will happen to Siddhi. He will find her. He promises Shoni that he will find Siddhi. Shiva asks does Shoni doubt him too that he may harm Siddhi. Shoni says she trusts Shiva.

Shiva enters his room and recalls memory related to Siddhi. Shiva remembers how he tied mangalsutra around Siddhi’s neck. He misses Siddhi and thinks where Siddhi can be. He says come back Siddhi for the sake of your parents.

The Episode ends

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