Bawara Dil 16th April 2021 Written Update: Mangal and Malini have a heated argument

Bawara Dil 16th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiva missing Siddhi. He recalls how Siddhi used to blindfold her, Shiva gets worried thinking where can Siddhi go all of a sudden. He recalls memories regarding Siddhi. Shiva looks at the door. He holds the black cloth of Siddhi.

Next morning Yashwant says angrily he got to know Shiva didn’t spend night in jail. He is lying. He asks Shiva what has he done to Siddhi? Shiva gets shocked and says he is not lying but he really spent one night in jail. Yashwant says he has informers as he is government employee since many years. They told him Shiva’s name is nowhere to be found in Police file. Yashwant repeatedly asks where is Siddhi and what Shiva did to her. Ishvar and Malini arrive. Malini says Shiva kidnapped Siddhi she didn’t blame him.

He married her forcefully, humiliated her still Malini remained quiet. But now If something happens to Siddhi she will curse Shiva and will forget he is Siddhi’s husband. Mangal shouts at Malini saying who is she to curse Shiva? Malini says she can go to any extent to save her daughter. She warns Mangal. Mangal hits Malini. Malini and Mangal have a heated argument and Shiva stops them. Shiva swears on Mangal saying he really doesn’t know where is Siddhi. Shiva promises Malini that he will find Siddhi. Shiva leaves.

Mangal throws stuffs here and there angrily. She says how dare that Malini created scene in my house. She won’t allow Siddhi in her house anymore. Vijaya tries to calm her down saying Siddhi is missing. Mangal says why will she tolerate Malini’s attitude when she did nothing with Siddhi. Mangal says she won’t forget her insult. Vijaya says if Shoni was in Siddhi’s place Mangal would have said the same thing? Mangal stays quiet.

Shiva reveals everything to Jalwa. Jalwa doubts Narpat and says he will send his men to Puna to collect information about Siddhi. Jaanvi arrives and says hello to Jalwa. She talks to Shiva saying she is missing old days. She cherishes the memories but Shiva leaves saying he has much more important thing to do. Jaanvi apologises to Shiva and says she came back to Rudrait forever. Jaanvi tells Shiva please forgive me. Jaanvi reveals she suffered a lot after leaving him. Jaanvi says she only could live her life because of the memories she had of Shiva. She suddenly hugs Shiva. Mangal notices them from window and gets happy.

Shoni asks Shiva about Siddhi. Shiva says he is trying his best to find Siddhi. Soon he will get to know. Shoni says she also wants to go to find Siddhi. Shiva hugs her and says she doesn’t need to worry. Mangal interferes saying Shiva didnt eat anything till now. She forcefully takes him to dining table and serves all his favorite food. Shiva says he is not hungry. Mangal insists him to eat. Later she asks from when he started liking Jaanvi again? Jaanvi is already married . Shiva can get better girl than Jaanvi but if he is interested in her only Mangal doesn’t have problem. Shiva gets irritated and gets up. He says he is already worried. Right now he wants to find Siddhi only. Shiva says Siddhi is my wife. Mangal won’t repeat this thing again. Shiva gets Agga Bai’s call and leaves. Vilas tells Mangal that the matter is serious. They should not take it lightly.

Siddhi again recalls everything regarding Siddhi. He gets lost in thoughts.

The Episode ends

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