Bawara Dil 17th March 2021 Written Update: Malini tells Siddhi to leave Akka Bai’s house

Bawara Dil 17th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Malini searching for something in Siddhi’s room. Siddhi wakes up and asks what are you doing? Malini takes her outside and says leave this place, run from here. I can’t let you ruin your life after marrying that Shiva. Siddhi says she can’t be selfish. She can’t leave her family alone at this point. Malini tells her not to worry about them. She says she will be satisfied with the fact that Siddhi is safe. Siddhi says we’ll go from here together. I can’t do this stupidity. They will harm you and baba if I leave this place. Malini says right now think about yourself only. Save yourself and leave Rudraik. She forces her. Bhave comes with Akka Bai’s men to stop Siddhi. They tell them to go inside. Seeing Their misbehavior Siddhi shouts at them saying don’t cross your limit. You are talking to my mother.

Sarkar reaches home at drunken state. He tells his men to decorate the house properly for Shiva’s marriage. Shiva arrives and Sarkar teases him saying congrats. Shiva ignores him. One guy asks Shiva its not happening because of his wish. Shiva says he can go to any extent to fulfill Akka Bai’s wish.

Shiva keeps his injured hand in water. Shiva recalls Siddhi’s slap. Shoni comes to stop him. She says you can’t torture yourself like this. Why don’t your share your problems with me? Shiva says stop worrying about me, let me worry about you. How’s your study going? Shoni says good. She says don’t feel alone in Akka Bai’s house. I’ll be always there for you. Shiva hugs Shoni.

Gaurav meets Narpat. He says he wants to leave right now. Narpat requests him to stay for one night only. He calls him damad ji. Gaurav gets angry saying don’t call me by that name. I don’t want to stay here. Narpat stops him.

Mangal says to her husband that she is going to get huge amount very soon. She will not adjust with this small amount. Her husband gets surprised. Mangal says now I’ll enjoy doing the marriage rituals. She starts dancing.

Akka Bai forcefully takes Sharita mausi to her house. Malini asks how come she is here? Siddhi notices them. Akka Bai says Sharita will help Malini in doing the wedding arrangements. As she is very upset nowadays. She warns Malini indirectly. Siddhi thinks her parents are tolerating so much insult for her. Akka Bai says she will handle everything.

Haldi ritual starts. Shiva’s family apply on Shiva. Siddhi gets ready. Akka Bai says forget past relationships. Accept Shiva and start your new life. She says why Siddhi is still wearing the old ring. She tells her to remove it. Siddhi recalls how Gaurav gifted her the ring and said you are mine. Akka Bai gives new ring to Siddhi.

Mangal does the aarti saying after Shiva , Shoni will get married to Sarkar. Malini gets emotional seeing Siddhi’s bridal look.

Other side a boy sees one dead body’s hand and gets scared.

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