Bawara Dil 17th May 2021 Written Update: Shiva allows Siddhi to teach Sonal

Bawara Dil 17th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ishvar teasing Shiva. He says Shiva can come once in a month to cook delicious food for them. Shiva smiles. Siddhi eats and Shiva looks at her.

Siddhi goes in the kitchen and check there’s any food left or not. She eats it happily. Siddhi says Shiva shows attitude all the time but he is a good cook. Malini catches her saying you could have eaten these on dining table. Why are you having secretly? Siddhi feels embarrassed and says nothing like that. Malini says if you want I can pack this for you. Siddhi denies but later agrees. Malini says it is said women can win men’s heart by feeding tasty dishes. But here its opposite. Shiva came here to have lunch but made food for us. He has no ego. Siddhi says now enough don’t praise him anymore. They hug each other.

Shiva tells Siddhi to go home. He reveals he can’t come with her as Agga Bai told him to go to panchayet office. He sent Jalwa there so Agga will get angry. Siddhi thinks it means Shiva went for lunch ignoring Agga Bai’s order. She thanks Shiva for making her parents happy. Shiva replies to show off I did all these. Agga Bai only told him to show fake concern. Siddhi is hurt. She tells him I thought you did it for my parents. But your acting was great. She shows him the tiffin box saying I took it seeing your efforts. Siddhi gives Shiva’s dish to a beggar. She says from now on their ways will be different.

Ishvar scolds Sagar saying he should learn something from Siddhi. After all these she is continuing her studies but Sagar is only wasting time. Sagar says you always praise her. He says because of Siddhi’s leaked video my business got closed. Ishvar says you can go to city. Sagar says I need to invest money for that. Ishvar says earn money and invest. You did MBA right. Sagar gets mad and leaves.

Siddhi concentrates on her studies. Shiva hesitates while keeping the bottle on the table near her. Jalwa calls him and he leaves immediately. Siddhi notices the bottle was empty but now its full. Means Shiva did it.

Sonal comes crying. Siddhi consoles her. She asks why are you crying? Did Shiva tell you anything? Sonal says she failed in first semester exam. Siddhi says don’t worry you will do better next time. Mangal comes and asks Sonal are you crying because of Siddhi? Sonal says she failed in exam. Mangal says so what. You are not going to be officer. Forget about it and let’s go for shopping. Sonal says she won’t go anywhere. She will pass the exam and complete her graduation. Mangal says don’t talk to me rudely. Instead of all these learn household chores. Mangal is about to take Sarkar’s name but Vilas stops her. Mangal leaves with him. Sonal hugs Siddhi.

Shiva checks Sonal’s mark sheet. He asks you used to study then why you got low marks. Sonal says she doesn’t get English Literature. Shiva says who is the teacher? Sonal says he doesnt teach me. Shiva says angrily noone can say no to me. He has to teach you. Siddhi says she can teach Sonal if Shiva allows. Shiva says but you have your studies also. Siddhi says I’ll will manage , Sonal wants to study so she will get good marks, she will fly high. Shiva says he is not educated but understands the importance of education. An educated girl can take right decisions. Siddhi gets impressed. Sonal gets happy and says she will work hard. Siddhi tells Shiva but your mother is not okay with our studies. Shiva says don’t worry. I’ll handle her. Siddhi hugs Sonal.

The Episode ends

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