Bawara Dil 22nd April 2021 Written Update: Shiva warns Jaanvi to stay away from him

Bawara Dil 22nd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Jaanvi calling Narpat. She says his plan is working properly. But she says what if Siddhi returns then their plan will flop. Jaanvi says I know Shiva, he won’t get convinced so easily. Narpat says you don’t need to worry, I guess Shiva has already killed Siddhi. She won’t be back. Shiva comes in the meantime and Jaanvi gets shocked seeing Shiva. Shiva says he got scared so he came here to take her. Shiva says we need to perform the grihapravesh ritual. Jaanvi gets stunned.

Shiva and Jaanvi reach his house. Mangal gets excited and makes preparations for Grihapravesh. Vijaya asks Shiva what is he doing? Yashwant says haven’t you seen the certificate? Jaanvi is now daughter in law of the house. She will stay here. Shoni tells Shiva he can’t give Siddhi’s place to Jaanvi. Its wrong. Mangal shuts Shoni. She does the aarti and Jaanvi enters house pushing the kalas. Shiva recalls Siddhi’s Grihapravesh and looks at Yashwant. Shoni cries.

Mangal tells Jaanvi I’ll show you your room. Shiva says Mangal will give another room to Jaanvi. Mangal asks why? Now Jaanvi is his wife. She should stay with him. Shiva doesnt agree. Mangal shows another room to Jaanvi.

Agga Bai talks to Commissioner that its all opposition party’s planning to frame her. Siddhi is in Rudrait only. Agga Bai says Siddhi’s posters will be removed. Bhave calls Agga Bai.

Yashwant tells Shiva to concentrate on finding Siddhi. Agga Bai calls Shiva saying why he brought some other girl in the house when she told him to find Siddhi. Shiva says trust me, I’ll make things right. Agga Bai adds election is near. They should not commit any mistake.

Shiva was about to leave but Jaanvi stops him. She asks where are you going? Shiva says he is going for some urgent work. He will be back in two days. Jaanvi says how will she spend her time alone? She asks Shiva why is he ignoring her as if her existence doesn’t matter to him. Shiva says he is getting late. Jaanvi says please call me Jaanu like before. She touches Shiva and Shiva warns her not to touch him like that.

Jaanvi tries to get close to him but Shiva pushes her. Jaanvi asks do you love Siddhi? Shiva recalls memories related to Siddhi and stay quiet. later Shiva gets video call from Siddhi. Shiva gets surprised seeing her. He tries to talk to her. Siddhi says hello. Due to network problem they couldn’t talk. Jaanvi cuts the call. Shiva asks Jaanvi why you did that? Jaanvi says you should not contact her this time. Shiva says angrily you are noone to me. Don’t interfere in my personal matter. He leaves. Jaanvi thinks she handled the matter somehow. She thinks what is so special in Siddhi that Shiva is so worried for her.

Shiva informs about Siddhi’s call to Yashwant. Yashwant gets delighted and he tries to call on that number but its unreachable. Shiva sends SMS to Siddhi. Ishvar and Malini arrive that time. Ishvar asks what we heard is it true? Shiva tells them about Siddhi’s video call. Malini sees the number and asks where is she then? Shiva says their couldn’t finish their conversation. Malini misunderstands Shiva and tells you are again lying. We don’t trust you. Ishvar asks so Jaanvi came with Shiva from Puna and she is his wife. Jaanvi comes and again lies that she is Shiva’s wife. Mangal recalls Yashwant’s words and asks him he promised that he will take care of Siddhi but he failed to do so. Mangal comes and taunts Malini saying yes we lied. Tell me what you will do. Malini says she won’t trust Shiva or Yashwant anymore. She won’t go anywhere until Siddhi comes back. Malini says ask Agga Bai, who told Shiva to marry Siddhi. Ishvar says they will ask Agga Bai as well but before that Shiva has to answer as he only went to Puna with Siddhi. Malini says I’ll stay here until Siddhi is found. She sits there. Everyone gets shocked.

The Episode ends

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