Bawara Dil 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Mangal reveals she brought Janvi back in Shiva’s life

Bawara Dil 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shiva thanking goddess for saving Siddhi. Shiva prays for Siddhi’s safety saying until he finds Siddhi she should be safe.

Mangal gets worried and Vilas says they have to find a way out. Mangal says he should not worry much , Malini will understand her mistake very soon. She will leave. Jaanvi comes and taunts Mangal. Mangal says don’t cross your limits else I’ll throw you out. Jaanvi says if you want to throw me out then why you took me here? Jaanvi and Mangal laugh together. Mangal tells Vilas to close the door. She reveals her mastermind is behind the conspiracy. Vilas gets shocked.

Malini sits on grass. She says to Ishvar she won’t go from here without Siddhi. Ishvar says he won’t leave her alone this time. He will accompany her in finding Siddhi. Yashwant comes and tries to reveal Jaanvi’s truth but Ishvar doesnt let him talk.

Mangal says the day Shiva got married to Siddhi. She was trying to find solution in order to get rid off Siddhi. Mangal says she remembered Jaanvi and was searching for her then she met Janvi’s friend who told her about Janvi. Vilas says hats off to you. He asks but Janvi is already married.Mangal says she divorced her husband already. Janvi reveals she loves Shiva more than anything. She will try her best to get him back. Mangal looks happy. Janvi then tells about Siddhi’s video call. Mangal gets scared saying Siddhi can come back to house to destroy their plan. Mangal tells I thought Siddhi died or eloped but she is alive. Mangal tells Janvi to win Shiva’s heart before Siddhi comes. Janvi goes to impress Shiva.

Jalwa tells about Dilip Joshi to Shiva. Shiva says he believes Siddhi is safe. She will return. Mangal talks to Vilas that she gave idea to Janvi about fake marriage. But Janvi is smart , she arranged fake certificate as well. Vilas says Janvi can double cross Mangal. Mangal says I am smart. If I can plant Janvi in Shiva’s life, I can throw her out as well. Vilas and Mangal have drinks and laugh.

Shiva tells Malini and Ishvar to go inside but Malini keeps asking where is Siddhi tell me. Shiva sits near them and tells Janvi is his past but she got married to some other person as he moved on. Shiva says he wants to show something to Malini and Ishvar.

Mangal gets annoyed seeing Malini and Ishvar in house. Shiva shows his room to them saying he respects his relationship with Siddhi. He won’t break his dignity. Buy Janvi won’t stay in this room as she has no right. Shiva opens the door and gets shocked seeing room decorations. Malini taunts Shiva she understood what he is trying to say. They leave.

Shiva looks at Janvi in room. Janvi gets ready to seduce Shiva. Shiva gets shocked. Janvi says why are you staring at me like that. Wedding is over. Its our first night. She touches Shiva and says she waited for this night for so long. Shiva says it’s true she was his first love and he never loved someone else after that. Janvi tries to get close to him. But Shiva stops her. He says you left me and never looked back to see how I am. Shiva ruins all the decorations saying its true that I am married, its true I will leave Siddhi but before that I want to fulfil my responsiblity towards Siddhi no matter what. Shiva throws the bedcover and burns it saying Janvi will leave the house next morning. He leaves. Janvi cries.

The Episode ends

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