Bawara Dil 23rd July 2021 Written Update : Sonal decides to marry Kiran

Bawara Dil 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akkabai telling Mangal that she wants Sonal as her daughter in law. Sonal is homely and she has all the qualities Akkabai looks for in her son’s wife. Mangal says she is feeling like over the moon. Sonal will stay like a queen in Akkabai’s house. Siddhi interrupts saying noone is asking about Sonal’s decision. It’s about her life. Mangal says Siddhi has no decency at all. She shuts Siddhi up saying noone asked about Siddhi’s opinion. Akkabai says Sarkar is her son and she has full faith on him. Whats the need of taking Sonal’s opinion.

Siddhi says time has changed, equality matters. They should take Sonal’s consent. Siddhi says Yashwant and Shiva’s consents are also needed for the marriage. They love Sonal alot. Akkabai gives it a thought and says her son respects women so much, she says Sarkar will talk to Sonal alone to know about her decision. Sonal gets shocked thinking how will she spend time with Sarkar alone. Mangal locks Siddhi in kitchen and warns her not to come out until marriage date gets fixed. Siddhi pleads her but in vain.

Shiva says to Jalwa he won’t spare Kiran today. He says why Kiran left from puja without informing anyone. Jalwa tells Shiva to calm down. Shiva sneaks into Kiran’s house and grabs his collar angrily. Kiran’s father says Kiran’s mother is unwell. They are calling the ambulance. Shiva gets shocked to hear that. Siddhi calls Shiva and says she needs his help urgently but Shiva says he is busy and disconnects the call. Siddhi tries to escape from window but Mangal catches her. Mangal says she won’t cancel the wedding. She tells Siddhi not to do anything.

Sarkar scares Sonal and says now she can’t escape from him. Sonal says Shiva and Siddhi won’t spare him if he misbehaves with her. Sarkar says once Akkabai gives approval their marriage will happen at any cost. Shiva won’t be able to stop it. Siddhi pours Ganga jal on Sarkar and says your dirt will get washed away by this.

Shiva drives the ambulance and scolds the driver for not doing his job properly. He puts Kiran’s mother in ambulance. Sonal breaks down and Mangal says she won’t say no to the proposal. Mangal says to Sonal don’t test my patience. Siddhi consoles Sonal and the latter says she would like to commit suicide instead of marrying Sarkar. Siddhi stops her and hugs her. Siddhi says Shiva and Yashwant will save her from Sarkar. Shiva is a good person. Sonal says Shiva only kidnapped Siddhi and forcefully got married to her. How will he save her sister. He can’t go against Akkabai. Sonal says she has taken her decision.

Sonal and Siddhi visit Kiran’s house. Sonal says to get rid of Sarkar she wants to marry Kiran. Siddhi gets shocked and tells Sonal to not take decision randomly. Sonal says Kiran saved her from Sarkar which proves he is a nice human being who can protect her. Kiran says right now he is busy. Sonal pleads him and before Kiran could reply Shiva enters and loses his calm. He starts beating Kiran. He says Kiran did the same mistake ignoring his warning. Siddhi and Sonal get shocked to see that.

Episode ends

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