Bawara Dil 25th February 2021 Written Update: Shiva reveals it was Akka Bai’s son who misbehaved with that girl.

Bawara Dil 25th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Siddhi leaving from there and she says she will not sit in that Doli. Siddhi watches Shiva talking to Akka Bai. Akka Bai asks what happened near shopping mall? Shiva tells about the whole incident.

That girl mistakenly hit Sarkar’s car and in return Sarkar misbehaved with that girl. She starts crying and Sarkar snatches her dupatta. Shiva stops Sarkar from misbehaving with that girl. He says he will inform Akka Bai about this as She tells everyone to respect girls and her words means a lot to him. He apologizes to that girl.

Akka Bai praises Shiva for saving the girl and for handling the situation well. She says her own son is ruining her name. But she is helpless and if Shiva was her biological son she would have given him the position of hers. She says he is the most loyal person in her life. Shiva says Sarkar’s name will not come out. He managed everything.

Siddhi picks up inspector’s call and says she finally decided. Siddhi comes late at home. Sagar asks why is she coming late? Tomorrow is her mehendi. Siddhi’s father tells him to leave and later Siddhi hugs her father. He says why is she shedding tears? Siddhi gives an excuse and leaves.

Siddhi calls Gaurav but his voice breaks. Siddhi tries to tell him that she went to police station but Gaurav couldn’t hear anything properly. Gaurav video calls her. He says she is talking to her after a long time. Gaurav cracks jokes. Siddhi says she is serious. She says she wants to talk to him alone. Gaurav’s mom tells Gaurav to pack his bags quickly and cuts the call.

Siddhi then goes to her father. He says I thought Malini has come. He tells what does she want to say? Siddhi tells she has filed a complaint against that guy. Her father says Gaurav and her family will visit here and she didn’t ask him before going to police station. Siddhi says she remembered his words and showed courage for that innocent girl. Her father tells her not to inform about this to Malini. He thinks Siddhi’s timing is wrong.

Mehendi function starts. Siddhi looks happy. Everyone dances and Siddhi too joins them. One kid says ladke wale have come. Malini says Siddhi cant see ladke wale before marriage. Its apshagun. Siddhi says this is not old times. Its new generation. Malini tells her strictly not to see her groom. Siddhi goes upstairs and says she will watch them. She doesn’t believe in all these rituals.

Gaurav and his family come. They start criticizing Siddhi’s family. They say this is a small village and they faced a little bit trouble while coming. Akshita says Gaurav is looking for Siddhi only. Siddhi says she is having a weird feeling as she will leave her house where she spent a long period of time. Gaurav family say Siddhi’s parents couldn’t arrange band baaja due to small space. They suddenly hear DJ sound. Siddhi’s father wonder who called DJ here? Siddhi sees Shiva is coming with the DJ. She feels disgusted.

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