Bawara Dil 27th February 2021 Written Update: Shiva recognizes Siddhi

Bawara Di, Adittya Redij Pucs
"Like my last venture, this one will do great too", says Adittya Redij on his new show "Bawara Dil"

Bawara Dil 27th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shiva noticing the mehendi on Siddhi’s hands. He recognizes her. Inspector says you name doesn’t suit you. Siddhi removes the cover from her face.

Siddhi arrives at her sangeet function. Gaurav looks at her. Siddhi’s friends tease Siddhi. Gaurav’s friends insist him to dance. Everyone starts performing. Siddhi smiles. Shiva in jail thinks about Siddhi. Lawyer comes and gives bail papers to Inspector. Lawyer threatens him saying he will transfer him if Shiva doesn’t come out of jail. Gaurav takes Siddhi with him on stage. They together dance happily. Shiva comes out of jail. Gaurav Siddhi give nice compliments to each other. They get close to each other.

Siddhi says to Masterji if she could have taken her family members with her. Malini and Masterji spend time with Siddhi. Malini says scold me I won’t mind. I don’t know how will I manage everything. She says to Malini I want you to cook my varan bhaat. Malini agrees.

Lawyer taunts Shiva saying he is a trouble for Akka Bai. Shiva says I don’t need your opinion. Lawyer says I tolerate you because of Akka Bai. Shiva tells his partners that girl’s luck is bad as I recognized her already.

Siddhi looks here and there and thinks someone is there. She goes outside and gets surprised seeing Gaurav. Gaurav says I want to complete our unfinished talk. Siddhi says mom said we can see each other after marriage only. Gaurav gets upset but Siddhi stops him. Gaurav gets close to Siddhi saying seems like its the longest night. Siddhi says someone can see us. Stop being childish. Tomorrow is our wedding. Gaurav says we can never get this night as Siddhi won’t be his girlfriend anymore. Getting girlfriend’s kiss is different. They were about to kiss but one relatives calls Siddhi and Gaurav hides behind a curtain.

Siddhi sleeps and dreams of Shiva. She wakes up. Malini says are you alright? Siddhi says in childhood when I used to get bad dreams I used to sleep on your lap. Malini caresses her hair and Siddhi falls asleep.

A man in hoodie enters Siddhi’s room. He keeps his hand on Siddhi’s shoulder and applies chloroform on her. She gets unconscious and Malini checks Siddhi is sleeping or not. That person hides and then lifts Siddhi up and leaves from there.